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Santa Maria Fairpark
May 12, 2018
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Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
MEETING DATE:  April 26, 2018
Call to Order:  Acting/Past President Tim Seifert
Flag Salute:    Mark Jackson
Invocation:     Terry Dworaczky
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Interact Students, Sonia, Jessica, and McKenna
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Debbie Testa, Karisa Brink, Jason Tamura, Jeff Tamura, Pat Ibel, Irene Reynolds, Indalecio Valencia, Cruz Peinado, Kerrie and Kathy Holst, Joe Beaudet, CJ Black, Debra Driggs, Danette Marsh, Azhane Griggs, Audrey Villa
1)  Barn Party Luau Info:  

The wicked witch of the west, complete with the flying monkeys, reminded us that we have two weeks until the party and less than half of us have turned in names of guests for the party.  Please email her with names of invitees. 

2) Luau  Work Parties:  
Mark Jackson asked everyone to sign up for work parties.  All members are encouraged to help and participate during this crucial "all hands on deck" decorating process.
3) Homeless Shelter Feed:  
Rotary is serving at the homeless shelter tonight.  The next opportunity is May 24 , let Jason Stillwell know if you are interested in helping.
4) Fashion in Aktion:  
May 7th is the date and Teresa Reyburn has all the info. Contact her if you're interested in attending.
5)  Community Interviews:
Orcutt Union School District Community Interviews are coming up.  Lakeview Jr. High School interviews will be held May 23rd and 24th and Orcutt Jr. High School interviews are scheduled for May 29th and 30th.

Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA)

Interact students who attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy reported on their experience.  It helped them get out of their comfort zone, encouraged them to broaden their horizons, and gave them new perspectives.  It also stressed the importance of remaining positive at all times.  They all said that is was an amazing experience; “everyone is so friendly and nice, and in four days you become a family with those in your group.”

Check Presentation

Angel Tree Camp - Calicinto USA

The Angel Tree Camp supports children who have a Mom or Dad in prison.  Rotary's $1,000 donation allows the camp to help four kids attend a five-day camp.  At the camp they participate in activities such as, horseback riding, archery, crafts, and swimming.   They also do ranch choirs.

Prisoners’ children are just like any other kid; they just want to have fun.   They come to camp with a lot of anxiety, it is a hard life for them.  They love camp, and always want to stay much longer.  Angel Tree Camp hopes the kids receive positive mentoring from this experience that they can then bring back to their family, school, and community.

Paul Harris Fellow

Tim Seifert was contemplating the name of a person to whom he could present a Paul Harris Fellow award.  He realized he was sitting across from this person.  He had mentored this person, and was pleased to present the award to Roberto Rodriguez, for the things he does for this community and our children.


Roberto Rodriguez bragged $20 and thanked everyone who came to the Boys and Girls Club Gala.  They raised over $233,000.

Jimmy Ventriglia, bragged $50 on being in Mexico last week … trying to improve relationships??  He had a birthday while there and enjoyed the week with wife, Roxanna. 

Gary Nemetz, welcomed fellow bike rider Peter Sterling back for a $30 brag.  He also bragged $50 on Joe Beaudet for his construction help.

Peter Sterling bragged $25, stating that it is nice to be on this side of the grass.

Mark Jackson bragged $50 on the club for setting a new record on Move-in - 65 minutes.  Thank you everyone who helped, about 20 people were  there, which is also a record.


We had a name that tool quiz, and the following Rotarians were unable to correctly answer the questions posed of them, so were each fined $30:

Abel Maldonado

Sean Hawkins

Jim Small

Michelle Newman

Employee Recognition
For our program this week the following Rotarians recognized their outstanding employees.

Mike Buhring - Coca Cola
Dawn Cortez and Indalecio Valencia

Laurie Tamura - Urban Planning Concepts
Jason Tamura

Shannon Seifert - YMCA
Cruz Peinado

Martin and Debbi Testa -Testa Catering
Karisa Brink

Tim Seifert and Dan Blough -  Dan Blough Construction
CJ Black and Joe Beaudet

Jim Small - At Home Services for Seniors
Debra Driggs, Danette Marsh, Audrey Villa


Quote of the Week

Do what you can, where you can , with what you have

Please visit us at:
REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.