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Oct 25, 2018
Los Prietos
Nov 01, 2018
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Nov 08, 2018
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Nov 15, 2018
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Nov 22, 2018
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Oct 18, 2018
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Annual Christmas Parade of Lights
Downtown Santa Maria
Dec 01, 2018
MEETING DATE:  October 18, 2018
Mike Buhring, Club President
FLAG SALUTE and Invocation:  Jon Bronkowski from the Central Coast Rescue Mission

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Cindy Quaid, Alejandra Cabrera, Jon Wesner, Julie Walker, Mary Jo Ward, Jason Francia, Jon Bronkowski
Check Presentation:

Jon Bronkowski accepted a $500 check for the Central Coast Rescue Mission.  He reported that they are able to change lives due to the support from groups like ours.  The $500 will feed the men in the Rescue Mission for a month.  Graduates from their program are getting jobs, and on their way to a great future.  

New Member: 

Welcome new Rotarian, Jon Wesner

FBLA Take a Student to Lunch Day:
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) officer, Alejandra Cabrera talked about the benefits of membership.  FBLA is a great resource for students, that helps them develop character and public speaking skills.  November 14ththe SM Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring Take a Student to Lunch Day for FBLA members.  The event ,which will be held at the Maldonado Center, introduces students to business leaders in the community.  
The Boys & Girls Club of the SMV Celebrity Waiter's Night:
October 18, 2018 (Santa Maria Country Club).  
2018 Christmas Parade: Mark your calendars for December 1st. Mike Gibson is collecting business cards for the tabloid sold prior to the parade.
Veterans Stand Down Event: Saturday October 20, 2018, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Santa Maria Fairpark. Helping Veterans with goods and needed services. Contact President Buhring if you would like to help out.
Peter Pan PCPA Performance: Friday November 30th. If you would like to join our Rotary Club as we attend this year's holiday performance, please contact Betty Miller to sign up.
Rotary Mixer: A mixer for the local Rotary clubs will be held at - Idler’s in Santa Maria, Oct. 23 starting at 5:00 pm
Meeting Makeups
Members are encouraged to visit other Rotary Clubs when out of town or unable to attend one of our meetings.  Make Rotary part of your vacation and get your Club Banner from Secretary Ken Bradley to trade with your destination Rotary Club.
Rotarian of the Month
Dan Blough:  No brag today from Dan.

Doug Palmer, has been doing some traveling which included a backpacking adventure with his sons in the sierras, then he and his wife went on another vacation.  Brag: $25

Kevin Walthers and his wife have been married for several years. On Tuesday they were lucky enough to draw Tim Staffel’s court for Kevin to officially adopt son, Trey.  Brag: $50

Tim Seifert, bragged on Jerry Schmidt for helping with the Operation Surf event.  He served as chief dishwasher, and might be working his way up to the BBQ crew. Brag: $25

Ted Ortega, bragged again on Jerry, and everyone who came to Operation Surf.  It was another amazing event.  Brag: $100 to go to the FBLA program

Jim Peterson,bragged on Mike Cardona.  Last Friday he was on Skype telling everyone how to cook things.  It is great that he is back and doing better.  Brag:  $25

Jerry Schmidt, bragged on Ted and Beth Ortega for opening their home to the Operation Surf event.  Great event, you can’t help but love them.  Brag: $100

Jerry Walsh, took a trip to Iceland and said he froze his butt off, but still bragged $50.

Christ Hasterthas been gone a lot.  He went to Savanna Georgia.  He also bragged on the Air Show which was a great event.  He thanked all the community members who helped; everyone loved it.  A lot of Rotary members helped in putting on the air show;  too many to list.  Brag: $100

Fines of $30 were assessed to the following Rotarians:
Lee Carrollwas fined for his reference to the fact that it was nice to do it with people who play well. 

Dale Johnsonwas fined for signing up for two different table for the Celebrity Waiters event.

The following missed Coca Cola trivia questions:
Ryan Swack
Michelle Newman
Wendy Foxen
Jerry Walsh

Nancy Jo Ward, Graphic Design Artist at Allan Hancock College

Nancy has been a graphic designer in Santa Maria since college, she has been teaching at Allan Hancock college since 1997.  She also ran children’s arts programs through the SM Rec program.  

Technology keeps changing the graphic design process; due to this Nancy started a Masters program two years ago through a British Arts college.  She graduated with a Masters in Fine Digital Arts.  Through this program she learned to work creatively with technology, which she has now brought back to Hancock.  

The introduction of the computer into our creative culture is one of the biggest changes in the arts in the past century. Our ability to blend creative skills and technology is amazing.  Hancock students are getting to work on equipment that meets the industry standard. Students work in the community and interact with businesses.  

Please visit us at: