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MEETING DATE: October 7, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Lee Carroll
INVOCATION: Glenn Morris

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Ron Levy, Suzanne Levy, Shad Springer
B & G Club Autumn Afternoon:
VTC Golf Tournament:
A Secret Garden: Betty Miller mentioned that PCPA has announced their holiday season and their holiday show will be A Secret Garden. Betty is organizing a Rotary Club event for Friday December 3rd. She started sending around a sign-up clipboard at this morning's meeting. Make sure that you're on it if your interested in going.
Christmas Parade of Lights: Is tentatively scheduled for December 4, 2021. Please add this to your calendar as everyone will be needed if this goes forward, Mike Gibson should have a firm yes/no answer from county/city officials by October 15.
B & G Club "Crush It" Golf Tournament:
Toyota of Santa Maria Pinktober: David Leroy brought in two decorated pumpkins and talked about the money that they raise selling the pumpkins. The proceeds go to Mission Hope. David gave one pumpkin to Martin Testa and the other was auctioned off with a progressive auction. Mike Gibson was the lucky winner for $35.00. A total of $591 was raised.
Today's Rotary Minute:
Betty Miller: Betty talked to us about her experiences on the gulf side of Baja California. The locals had built a school building but were in need of the consumables. Betty was able to help them out with this issue. All of this expanded to adding grades 7 and 8 which allowed the students to attend high school in Santa Rosalia. 
Shannon Seifert: Shannon bragged on the YMCA Chairman's Dinner that was held at a secret place. Everyone got on a bus not knowing where they were going. (nor caring) $100
Peter Kang: Bragged on son Simon's second birthday. $25
Michele Jensen: Bragged on her grandson's birthday. (and her dog's birthday) $50
Glenn Morris: Bragged on Jim Bray for his work on the redistricting committee and  on Kevin Walthers who gave Mike Gibson a real job. $50
Mike Gibson: Bragged on his new job working at Hancock College doing health screening. Mike also bragged on Shannon Seifert who put on a great YMCA Chairman's Dinner. $31
Kevin Walthers: Bragged on People Helping People in Santa Ynez for the great work they do. $50
Jim Small: Bragged on his new job working with the Santa Barbara County A.G. department. $50
Lee Carroll: Bragged on Tim Seifert for fixing up Lee's mother's new modular home in Orcutt Ranch. $35
Wendy Foxen: For not bragging on her trip to Cabo. (Although she wasn't at the meeting) $30
Randy Wise: For sleeping in and not being at the meeting. $30
Ken Bradley: For not bragging on Brook's award. $30
Jimmy V: Same fine as Ken's. $30
Pat McDermott: Fined for getting romantic with James wife. $30
Ryan Swack: For nearly spilling wine on Judy Hearn. $30
Shannon Seifert: For not wearing a seat belt on the bus. $30
  Shad Springer
City of Santa Maria Utilities Department Manager.
Shad has a degree in engineering and manages all of the cities solid waste management areas which includes water, sewer and garbage.
Shad described the collection process from the front loaders to the curb side collection.
Shad also talked about the diversion process. The state mandates that no more than seven pounds daily, per person, be buried at the landfill.
The new diversion requirement is organic recycling which means that any left over food products not be buried at the landfill because they break down and cause green house gas. Separate containers are required for the organic products.
The city does capture gas that is produced by the landfill and that is piped to co-generation facilities to be turned into electricity and heat.
There is a whole lot more going on other than digging a hole and burring trash.
While all of this is going, on they are working on permitting the eighteen hundred acre Las Flores area.
An amazing and very interesting presentation by Chad and Shad.
And the winners are.......
Mark Jackson & Michael Moates

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