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MEETING DATE: October 21, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Chris Logan
INVOCATION: Jerry Schmidt

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Ron & Suzanne Levy & Dr. Danielle Kurin
VTC Golf Tournament:
A Secret Garden: Betty Miller is organizing a Rotary visit to PCPA to see A Secret Garden. The date is Friday December 3rd. A sign-up clipboard is being circulated at each meeting. Please add your name(s) if you plan on attending.
Christmas Parade of Lights: Is tentatively scheduled for December 4, 2021. Please add this to your calendar as everyone will be needed if this goes forward, Mike Gibson should have a firm yes/no answer from county/city officials by October 15.
B & G Club "Crush It" Golf Tournament:
Toyota of Santa Maria Pinktober:
Purchase your pink pumpkin at Toyota of Santa Maria. All proceeds go towards breast cancer awareness programs. See David Leroy for more details.
Dia De Los Muertos: Peter Kang explained how his church is putting on a community celebration, Dia De Los Muertos for halloween. There will be free food and games.
Today's Rotary Minute:
Frank Culley: Frank talked about being a member of The Rotary Club of Santa Maria "noon" where he served as President 2012 - 2013, (District Governor Frank Ortiz) Secretary 2016 - 2018, Assistant Governor 2014 - 2015. One of the things Frank was proud of was being the Northern District PRLS Coordinator 2009 - 2013. Back when PRLS was PRLS. It takes five days to properly teach everyone all of the great things PRLS had to teach. A major highlight was when Frank transferred to The Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast in April 11, 2019. Frank said that as pertains to Rotary, "This is where he belongs".
Ron and Suzanne Levy: Were officially inducted into The Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast as new members. Congratulations to Ron & Suzanne.
Kate Ferguson: Kate told us about her trip to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival where they took a balloon ride. Kate mentioned that tomorrow is hers and Homers 45 anniversary. Kate also mentioned that tonight is Loan Depot's "open house" in keeping with the fact that Loan Depot is the official mortgage lender for the MLB.  $25
Jerry Schmidt: Jerry bragged on closing escrow on the old "Costco" location. $25
Rich Watson: Rich bragged on his trip to San Diego to visit family, his daughter going to CLNU and his son Joe getting engaged. $50
Andy Caldwell:  Andy bragged on Joe Cientieno and remarked about how much he respected Joe and how Joe was all about service. $50
Suzanne : Mentioned that she and Ron are leaving on a five week trip to Europe. $50
Julianne Moreno : Julianne bragged on Tim Seifert for all of the great work he and his crew did getting her Grand Mothers new home ready to move into. $25
Jason Stillwell: Jason bragged on Glenn Morris who introduced many people at a recent meeting, including the Mayor, all without the microphone turned on. (Glenn has a big voice) $100
Julianne Moreno: Fined for not bragging on her birthday. $30
Tanya Astrosky: Fined for not bragging on her VTC event. (Although it wasn't a VTC event. VTC was the recipient) (James didn't care. The fine stands) $30
Andy Caldwell: Fined for not bragging on his sold out Colab event. $30
Peter Kang: Fined for not bragging on his trip to Cambria to see the Grand Parents. $30
Kate Ferguson: Fined for something. (Missed it) $30
Roberto Rodriguez: Fined for not being able to do math and for correcting James. $30
Kevin Walthers: Fined for messing up the induction. $30
Forensic Anthropology
By Danielle Kuran PhD
Assistant Professor at The University of California, Santa Barbara
Danielle told us about "Secrets of The Dead"
and talked about "Prehistoric Neurosurgery"
along with many pictures illustrating examples of
prehistoric neurosurgery.
Great and informative presentation
Rich Watson & Peter Kang

Please visit us at: