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Barn Party & Auction
Santa Maria Fairpark
May 12, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
MEETING DATE:  March 8, 2018
Call to Order:  Acting/Past President Mark Jackson
Flag Salute:    Lee Carroll
Invocation:     Jim Bray
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Neta Zayer and Ryan Hofstetter
1) Barn Party Luau Tickets: Wicked witch (not really )Kate Ferguson handed everyone their required number of tickets to move before May 12th. Note: Please make sure that Kate gets all the accurate information needed for each ticket holder so that she can input names and addresses into the computer. If you sell them, make sure your name is on the payment so that you get the proper credit to you account.
2) CALM "Ladies Get Loud": Mike Gibson thanked all the participants and is looking forward to April 12th at the SMCC when this very worthy charity event will occur. Contact Mike for more details.
3) Rotary Board Meeting: Next week on March 22 immediately following the regular club meeting.
4. Step Down Party: Mark your calendars for Sunday June 24 at the fabulous Hitching Post restaurant. More details to follow in the coming weeks.
4) Barn Party Luau Update: Mike Buhring brought everyone up to date as to what is needed for the upcoming barn party Basically the needs came down to great guests and auction stuff. Everyone is now extremely motivatedsmiley
Shannon Seifert: was very happy to brag on all her Rotary friends that helped with Major Gift calling at the YMCA the other night. According to the gift report, they are now half way there. $75
Kevin Walthers: was excited about Rabobank's generous donation of one million dollars towards the free tuition program for first year AHC students. They currently have attained 3.3 million of the 10 million dollar goal. $100
Rich Watson: apparently bought a new diesel pick-up from Santa Maria Toyota (David Leroy). That was worth $50.
Kevin Walthers: not quite sure on the details, but apparently "Dancing with the Stars" (or a version thereof) was involved to some degree. Apparently Kevin been taking dance lessons??? Anyway, a $30 fine was levied.
Monthly Rotary Magazine: Yes, we all get one in our mail box every month, but do we actually read it to the degree that Mark Jackson does? Apparently not after he asked the following people magazine questions and got a variety of wrong answers: Dan Blough $30, Mike Buhring $30, Mike Moats $30,$30 & $30??? (tough Prez), Tim Staffel $30 and Mark Jackson (yes, he fined himself...what a guy) $30.
Neta Zayer
Principal Planner/City of Santa Maria
This morning's speaker was Neta Zayer, Principal Planner for the City of Santa Maria. The subject at hand was the Downtown Specific Plan and giving our members an update at to how things were progressing. Enhancing corridor access is an important component to the plan. This will be done using two sub plans (framework and streetscape) that will also take the city's historic perspective into consideration. The ultimate goal is to make the area a more safer and "user friendly" corridor to do business as well encouraging families and individuals to take advantage of what Santa Maria has to offer. Wider sidewalks, new street furnishings, curb extensions and updated bike facilities will also play an important role in the new look. In addition to city staff, the updated plan has also been reviewed by a variety of local clubs and organizations with hopes of submitting to the Planning Commission in May and presenting to City Council sometime in June 2018.
Weekly 50/50 Winners
Peter Sterling & Dan Blough
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REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.