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May 14, 2022
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MEETING DATE: April 14, 2022

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Kathy Simas
VISITING ROTARIANS: Linda Maloney (Honorary)

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Kelly Briggs, Steve Fuhring, John Grisanti, Craig Ball, John Everett
Rotary Barn Party Luau: Mark Jackson shared that the Fairgrounds booked an event that will require our set-up and decorations to be done no earlier than Monday, May 9th!  As such, new sign-up sheets were made available and all members are encouraged to volunteer for the new dates and times at the conclusion of today's meeting.  Mark shared when SMBR first used the Fairgounds building (1998) our Club put in a concrete floor with an estimated value of $75K.  Assurance was in-turn given by the Fair manager that access to the area would provided as needed in perpetuity.  Unfortunately, Fair management failed to abide by this agreement.  Perhaps a new location is in order.
Berto Rodriguez let us know additional sponsorships are available.  Give him a shout as soon as possible.  Frank updated us on the status of the auction items; doing well, get more.  Please note that Friday, April 15th is the due dateKathy Simas, the "2022 Ticket Witch", asked that members turn ticket stubs and money into her as soon as possible.  Frank Ortiz spoke about using your creativity to create unique auction items.
8th Grade Community Interviews:  Holly let us know that several SMBR members have signed up to conduct student interviews; however, a few more volunteers are encouraged to step up.  Please contact Holly or Laurie Tamura.
Ladies Get Loud:  Mike Gibson brought us up to date on the CALM Ladies Get Loud event, scheduled for Thursday, April 28 on "The Roof Top" at Santa Maria Toyota from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Several SMBR members volunteered to be waiters and many of our ladies are attending the event.  Dinner will be prepared by Chef Alfonso and his staff from Trattoria Uliveto.
Colab Annual Dinner:  Andy shared that an additional Rotary table is being made available for 1/2 price ($65).  A great dinner and open bar is provided with Comedian Paul Rodriguez entertaining. Contact Frank Ortiz if you would like to attend.
Discovery Museum Kite Festival:
Guatemalan Quilt Action
Suzanne Levy provided an update on the status of the quilting fundraiser.  Anyone choosing to bid on the quilt is encouraged to do so.  This fundraiser will direct funds to the leaning center in Puerta Abierta, Guatemala.  Check out the learning cernter at:
Frank Culley: tactfully shared that his wife had another birthday.  $32
Suzanne Levy: Fundrasing going well on quilting program. $30
Shannon Seifert: bragged about the efforts of our own Holly Edds and the Orcutt Academy on their recent accomplishments and Mark Jackson's efforts in pulling things together for the Barn Party. $50
Kevin Walthers: boasted about the rousing success of the the fundraiser golf tournament for the AHC Athletics.  He was especially boastful about our own Tim Staffel's ability to win the "hit the green when it counts" contest.  Word is it was the only shot that was airborne all day!  Kevin enjoyed a golf outing in Las Vegas, although he had a hard time finding the required face mask.  He apparently had a very good time in LV, since his $150 brag was the best of the day!
Berto Rodriquez: shared a little cash with the Club after the wonderfully successful Boys & Girls Club Gala.  The event raised about $130K for the coffers. $50
Jerry Schmidt: let us know that he isn't used to turning his back on a crowd.  However, his front row seats at a rock concert in Las Vegas brought him personal recognition by the lead singer. $30
Jerry Walsh:  a charter member of the SMBR, caught everyone by surprise when he announced after 60 years in Santa Maria, "We're movin' to Florida!  $20
Mike Moats:  After being advised that his wife was caught up in a bidding war for a key lime pie, a pie she doesn't event like, rushed back to their table.  Apparently he wasn't fast enough, 'cause they enjoyed some very expensive pie.  He added to his brag by complimenting SMBR member Rich Watson and his wife for a wonderful rotating dinner.  $100
Frank Ortiz:  got a wonderful surprise when his son and daughter-in-law sent a package to the house with a follow- up phone call to "hurry up and open" the package.  It was an announcement that grand baby #4 is in the oven. $100
Terri Stricklin:  complimented Mike Gibson and Wayne Miller for their efforts in starting the Nipomo Rotary Club and their leading roles in celebrating the 25th anniversary.  The SMBR was well represented with 10 members attended.
Mike Moats: got caught writing his notes on his hand. $30
Mark Bachman: forgot to mention his 25th wedding anniversary. $30
Ryan Swack:  didn't brag on his anniversary. $30
David LeRoy: now knows when to introduce his guests. $30 
Kathy Simas:  didn't mention the bar for the Barn Party. $30
James Thomas'cause he's low on the fine list. $30
Isabella Blount (far right), a Cal-Poly Student, with President James Thomas, school staff & students from
Orcutt Junior High School
The GWP is a world-wide project, started in 2014 by Danny Wright of
UC, Monterey Bay, was created to assist schools to obtain
safe, affordable and sustainable drinking water by capturing
rain water and using gravity to filter and remove harmful elements
prior to serving and storing.
In 2017 the Gravity Water Youth Program was formed
to assist schools in ensuring water was available for their needs.
And the winners are.....

Please visit us at: