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May 02, 2019
The Honda Disaster, “The Largest Naval Disaster During Peacetime in U.S. History.”
May 09, 2019
Barn Party (Meet at Fairpark)
May 16, 2019
It's a surprise
May 23, 2019
Woodstock 50 year anniversary
May 30, 2019
Mike Gibson
Jun 06, 2019
SB County Vision program / Past President Laurie Tamura will be "in charge".
Jun 13, 2019
County and City plans / Past President Tim Seifert will be "in charge".
Jun 20, 2019
Past President Shannon Seifert will be "in charge".
Past Speakers
Apr 25, 2019
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MEETING DATE: January 31, 2019
Club President:  Michael Buhring
FLAG SALUTE: Brownie Troop 5502 (Girl Scouts of America)

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Homer Ferguson, Amanda Struggs Melby, Vanessa Ellison and Brownie Troop 5502
 Shred Fest: Sponsored by the Santa Maria evening club.
Toretti Sparkling Wine Release Party: Kimpton Canary Hotel. Saturday February 9th in Los Olivos. The fun starts at 1:00 PM.
OCAF Fundraising Dinner featuring Pryor Baird:
Leading With Love Women's Conference: Saturday March 9, 2019. 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Radisson Hotel. Tickets: $100 each.
Mike Gibson (Rotarian of the Month): Mike thanked Jim Peterson for treating Marla for some back and neck pain that she's been recently experiencing. Jim even called her at 9:00 pm to see how she was doing (above and beyond service). Mike also bragged on Debra Jackson for helping to transport Marla to her chiropractor appointment (after Mark Jackson's not so gentle reminder)wink
Mark Jackson: bragged on his wife Debra, for taking time out to drive Marla Gibson to her doctor's appointment (this is where Mike Gibson says "Oh yeah"). Anyway, that was worth $20 to Mark Jackson.
Roberto Rodriguez: bragged $10 on Mike Gibson for helping the Boys & Girls Club out on the same day that Marla had her appointment (hence, no ride from Mike that day).
Jerry Schmidt: His son is surviving the severe cold back east (-35), but they are all learning to open and shut doors at an ultra fast speed. Jerry's wife also celebrated a birthday last week. Dolphin Bay was their celebratory destination and they had a great time. $57 was the brag.
Mark Bachman: Wanted to give a big "shout out" to Testa Catering for the fine job they did providing for a dealership luncheon that they held recently. $50
Mike Buhring: He and his lovely wife Michelle, recently celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary. Of course when you do that, you have to go to The Hitching Post to do it up right. They had a great day and a wonderful dining experience. $30

This week quite a few people were not as "Smart as a Fifth Grader". In fact some were even stupider (yes that's a word) which cost them $30 each. The sad part was even if they got it right, it still cost them $30....what??? surprise


Terry Dworaczyk

Mike Gibson

Jack Gresser

Glenn Morris

Terry Stricklin

Laurie Tamura

John Wesner

 Girl Scouts of America
This week's program was provided by representatives of the Girl Scouts of America. Troop leader Amanda Struggs Melby, spoke to the membership about the history and qualities of the organization. GSA was founded in 1912 in Savannah, Georgia by Juliette Gordon Low with an initial membership of eighteen young ladies. Today the organization has an estimated 2.6 million members and is represented in over 92 countries. The Brownie troop that joined us this morning also brought a wide assortment of cookies to sell. This is an annual fundraiser for them and raises quite a bit of money to use on the many field trips they experience during the course of the year.
Who Will Win?
Only a few more days until the Rams (er, I mean the better team) wins the "Big Game". Have a fun and safe weekend everybody!! See you next week.
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