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Nov 21, 2019
The Rotary Foundation - Why We Give
Nov 28, 2019
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Dec 12, 2019
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Dec 19, 2019
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Nov 14, 2019
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Annual Christmas Parade of Lights
Dec 07, 2019
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Member Christmas Party
Testa's New Bistro
Dec 21, 2019
District 5240 Foundation Gala
Sherwood Country Club
Jan 11, 2020
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MEETING DATE:  November 14, 2019

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Kevin Walthers 
FLAG SALUTE: Jean-luc Garon
INVOCATION:  Lee Carroll

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Geroge Wittenberg - today's program
Open House at VTC:  Thursday, November 14, 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  
Wanted: Ham & Turkeys for the Food Pantry this holiday season. Let Lee Carroll know if you're interested in donating to this very worthy project. 
Region 12 Dinner: Tuesday December 3,  6:00 PM at the Trattoria Uliveto restaurant in Old Orcutt. The cost is $25 per person.  
PCPA "The Little Mermaid": Friday December 6, 2019. 7:00 PM.  The event is pretty much sold out.  Betty Miller might have a ticket or two left.
Mark Jackson spoke about the Guatemala trip set for the following dates:
Feb 15-24
March 7-16
March 14-23
November 30th is the deadline for the first trip, and there is a mid December deadline for the other two.  Let Mark Jackson know If you are interested.
2019 Christmas Parade of Lights: Mark your calendars for Saturday December 7 starting at 5:20 PM. All members will be needed to make this 25th anniversary parade a very special event. Mike Gibson has all the details.
We received a check donation in support of the parade from Mechanics Bank, and also appreciate our other sponsors:  Chumash Casino, Marian Medical Center, and Coca-Cola. 
A work party is being organized to meet on Saturday, November 23 at Blough Construction to put the Rotary Float together.  
Toy Drive: Mike Gibson is organizing a Toy Drive that benefits the Probation Department's female detainees and their children. A sign up sheet is available for this project
Rotary Christmas Party: Saturday December 21, 2019. Although attendance at the event is not required, we hope to see everyone there!  Cost is $80 per person for a plated dinner and 4 cocktails - uber rides home are highly recommended. 
Frank Ortiz (Weekly Rotarian of the Century), bragged on all the members who attended the Celebrate Philanthropy Luncheon, where Frank and Scottie were honored for all their service to the community.  Frank said it was a very humbling experience.  In honor of the event he wanted to donate $250 to the Rotary Polio Plus Program.
Craig Bernard: (Weekly Rotarian of the Decade), bragged on getting back from a wonderful trip to Figi and New Zealand.  He went by the island where they shot the Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away.  He also gave a lot of facts and information about New Zealand.  Given his wealth of knowledge, it seems that he might be applying to work for their Chamber of Commerce.  Even though he had a free brag coming, he bragged $100.
Ken Bradley: bragged on his daughter Ava's incredible skills as a volley ball player.  She is a freshman playing on varsity, and made the winning shot in Tuesday's game.  Her team made it to the CIF sectionals and qualified to go to state.  Ken's son Tate, also celebrated his 16th birthday at the Hitching Post, with Terri Stickland's help.  $50
Tim Seifert: just got back from Hawaii, where he got stung by something that caused his chest to swell.  They were denied service by three restaurants, but still had a good time.  $30 
Shannon Seifert: had a great time during their vacation to Hawaii, and now wants macadamia nut milkshakes at the Santa Maria Inn on Thursdays.    Shannon thinks they should go back next year, and Tim wisely agreed.  - $30.
Peter Kang: bragged on the club for the generosity after his son Simon was born. We raised $800 which Peter matched to start a savings account.  His son, Simon is sometimes keeps them up at night. -  $20
Mark Jackson: is a new Ford owner; he traded a black pick-up truck and got a bland Eco boost.  He wanted to thank Mark Bachman and his team for helping with the process.  -$30
Dave Wright: was gone a week ago for a trip to Budapest, which started off with a long rainstorm.  He had previously gone to Prague, and met some people there, so he asked if he could go there instead. -  $50
Jason Francia: was fined $30, again for dropping the ball on updating our Club Runner web page. 
Mike Gibson: was also fined, $30, because he forgot to bring a sign-up sheet for the Probation Department Toy Drive.

George Wittenberg
World Trade



Our program for the day was provided by long-time resident of Santa Maria, George Wittenberg. He lived in North Hollywood for a while, and received a Juris Doctorate degree.  He received his undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara.  He provided us with some interesting facts about the US economy.  
The US economy is now worldwide.  Over half of our production is due to world trade.  There are three major trade areas in the world in auto production; the US, Canada, and Mexico.  The other great trading area is all of Europe, with the auto makers of Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Jaguar.  A lot of our equipment also comes out of Europe - German steel is very popular.
Another major economy area is China and East Asia.  They has become major players in our lifetime.  China is now the world’s second largest economy, and Japan is third.  We do a lot of trade with them.  
The US recently become energy self-sufficient.  We no longer have to rely on other countries, and have also become an exporter of energy.  Europe and Asia are still very dependent on the Gulf for oil, which means they have to rely on the peaceful ability to move energy.  
In America the cost of labor has become so high that we have to rely on other countries for products.  Our labor costs are two to three time higher than other countries.  The only other area with higher labor rates is Europe.
America is the leader in technology.   We have become the leader of the world in this area.  But we are not totally self-sufficient because some of the parts are manufactured elsewhere.
It is important that we have a strong navy to protect our trade route.  Most of the products we need are brought in by ship.  If the trade route were shut down, we would be shut down in a matter of months.

50/50 Winners
Laurie Tamura and
Jason Stillwell, even though he didn't pick up his tickets, how does that work?

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