November 3, 2022
Call to Order: President Roberto Rodriguez
Pledge of Allegiance: Tanya Astrosky
Invocation: Fr. Peter Kang
Visiting Rotarians: Lourdes Cruz (Orange Co.)
Guests of Rotarians:  Alonzo Figeroa, Josh Wang 


Santa Maria Parade of Lights
Mike Gibson circulated a sign-up sheet for SMBR members interested in advertising their business in the Parade Tabloid.  The cost is $50, half of which pays for the printing and the other half assists in defraying parade expenses.
Lee Carroll sent is coordinating the Club's annual fundraiser to assist those in need of help for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Last year SMBR raised $4,000 for this purpose!  A sign-up sheet will be circulated at our future meeting.
The Rotary Club of Santa Maria-Noontime, our sponsor in 1984, is celebrating their Centennial Anniversary on the evening of November 12th at the Santa Maria Inn.  SMBR will be attending to help in the celebration.  Berto will have tickets available for those signing up at our November 10th meeting.
Kate Ferguson reminded us that a Community Service project will be held on Saturday, November 12th to water and mulch the trees planted by the Noontime Club.  More details will be available at our upcoming meeting.
President Berto shared that Peter Sterling has resigned his membership of the SMBR.  We wish him well in his retirement and continued work with the Elks Club.
Peter Sterling has retired and resigned from our Club.  We wish him well and hope that his rodeo days are filled with trophies.
Please welcome our two newest members to the SMBR:
Captain Sean Kelly, US Army
Matt Richardson, Marian Regional Hospitals CFO


Doug Palmer and his bride returned from a great trip to Australia and New Zealand.  $100 Aussie Dollars / $64 US
Fr. Peter Kang was a surprise winner in a wine raffle.  He then surprised us with a coded announcement of an impending birth of a second child.  $50
Jerry Schmidt happily shared wife Stephanie is doing well with on-going health treatments and their son-in-law got a clean bill of health following an accident that broke 32 bones!  $25
Mike Gibson bragged that he met Josh Wong at the Celebrate Philanthropy luncheon and invited him to attend a Rotary meeting.  $30
Frank & Scottie recently celebrated the birth of their 4th grandchild, a stappin' young boy by the name of Joji (Jo - gee).  $10

Which Country Was The Statue of Liberty Originally Designed ...
 "Liberty Enlightening the World"
In 1886 the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to celebrate the adoption of the United States Constitution as a symbol of friendship and freedom, was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland.  The statue was designed by Francis Bartholdi and shipped in crates for assembly in the USA.  The assembly process took approximately 18 months since it took that long to raise the funds.  A little known fact: The statue was first offered to Egypt and rejected because it was "too expensive." 


From its founding in 1984, the Santa Maria Museum of Flight’s mission has been to preserve the history of our aviation heritage and inspire future aviators in the Santa Maria Valley.  This is accomplished by promoting aviation through events, such as the AirFest, and providing seminars about aviation from infancy to present day.
Captain G. Allan Hancock founded the Allan Hancock Airfield in 1927.  With the urging of General Hap Arnold, Captain Hancock established a flying school that grew into a major pilot training program during WWII in 1939 and continued until 1944.  After the war, the Hancock flight school was leased by the University of Southern California for a degree program in Aeronautics.  During the Korean War the school trained mechanics for the US Air Force.  In 1954 the Santa Maria Junior College, now G. Allan Hancock Community College, purchased 40 acres on the airport site.   In 1942 the Army Corps of Engineers bought 160 acres of land, which later grew to 3600 acres as the airfield was developed for larger aircraft. In 1945 the Santa Maria Army Airfield was chosen to be the base for the first jet fighter squadron.  As the war effort wound down and peace-time efforts began the military exited and the present commercial airport began its operation first as a county property and then as an entity of the City of Santa Mario.
A great big Thank You to Chief Executive Officer Esmeralda Mendoza for arranging a most informative tour of this landmark organization.
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