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Nov 29, 2018
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Dec 06, 2018
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Annual Christmas Parade of Lights
Downtown Santa Maria
Dec 01, 2018
MEETING DATE:  November 15, 2018
 Club President:  Michael Buhring
FLAG SALUTE: Julie Walker
INVOCATION:   Terry Dworaczyk
VISITING ROTARIANS: John Cosby  (Tijuana Rotary Club) John is seeking partnerships with Rotary Clubs in the US.  Already working with Thousand Oaks and La Mesa, CA.

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  John Hoffman and Francesca Shepherd
2018 Christmas Parade: Saturday December 1st.  Sign-up for a parade job, we need all hands on deck, it takes about 200 volunteers. We have 103 entries with 10 on the waiting list
Work party for the Rotary Float: the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Usually start around 8:00 at 2353 A Street - furthest unit in the back towards the farmer’s field.
Peter Pan PCPA Performance: Friday November 30th. If you would like to join our Rotary Club as we attend this year's holiday performance, please contact Betty Miller to sign up.

Thanksgiving meal at Good Samaritan: Fully cooked Turkeys are needed.  They will be picked up the day before Thanksgiving.  Also volunteers are needed to help serve.


Clothing Drive: See Kate Ferguson - extra jackets, sweaters and jeans needed

Card to the Borderline Bar and Grill:  We will be sending a card to the Borderline Bar ad Grill in Thousand Oaks - the owner is a Rotarian, are thoughts are with him during this difficult time.

Orcutt Pantry: Every year we donate turkeys to the Orcutt Pantry.  They give out around 200 turkeys a year to needy families in Orcutt.  Lee Carroll is going to Albertsons after the meeting to get turkeys.

Guatemala Trip: Mark Jackson has one more spot available.  The trip is from February 15th to the 25th.  There is a possibility of reimbursement, however the deposit has to go in by November 21st.  Any questions contact Mark.

Toy Drive for the Probation Department: Toys are needed for the children of moms on good behavior, please sign up.


Santa Maria Humane Society Heroes Luncheon: Thursday, December 6 at the Santa Maria Country Club - the Humane Society Board will match donations. 

Frank Ortiz: (Rotarian of the Month) 
Frank was traveling, so no free brags today, but we certainly appreciate all he does for our club.  

Mark Clarke:  Bragged $250 to the compassion fund on the fact that he will be a grandfather again. They had a baby shower, and the BBQ crew provided dinner.

John Wesner:  Bragged $50, - today is his birthday.

Kate Ferguson: Bragged $30 on Julie Walker and Michelle Newman.   Last Friday they had a dinner at Michelle's house.   It was an auction item and a great time.  

Andy Caldwell:  Asked that $100 go to the compassion fund - his sister passed away last week of Lou Garrick’s disease.  He is glad her suffering is over, it was a hard loss.  She was a nurse, working at the army and VA hospital.   She had so much courage, and was very inspiring.

Jason Francia: Bragged $25 - last week they announced that they are having a baby boy.  This will be their 1st child; they have been married 2 years, and are really excited 

Tim Seifert: Bragged $25 on Shannon.   Last Monday he went in for two root canals; Shannon took great care of him.  Drugs were the answer!  Shannon wanted to know how much it was worth for the video of Tim’s procedure - potential fund-raiser here??

Jim Peterson:  Bragged $50 -last night was his last official meeting on the Orcutt School Board 

Ken Bradley: Bragged $100 on Toyota of Santa Maria.  David and Jared were very patient with them. Great experience - $100 David LeRoy matched the brag.

Lee Carroll: bragged $25 on Andy Caldwell and Jim Bray.  He had a great conversation with Andy; it is nice to know that you can have disagreeing opinions.   Also thanks to Jim Bray who sat in for Andy on the radio show for Veterans.



Martin Testa, Tim Seifert, Andy Caldwell, and Lee Carroll were each fined $30 because they  didn’t pick-up their badges.

Dr. John Hoffman - Paleontology project on Santa Rosa Island

Dr. Hoffman received his degree from the University of Wyoming.  He shared interesting information on the fossil research he is doing on Santa Rosa Island for the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.  Santa Rosa island has fossils from animals that lived many years ago; some rocks older than 20 million years ago.  In 2015 a mammoth skull was discovered on the island.

We will be Dark on Thanksgiving Day
Please visit us at: