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MEETING DATE:  April 19, 2018
Call to Order:  Acting/Past President Tim Seifert
Flag Salute:    Ted Ortega
Invocation:     Ed Carcarey
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Joy Anderson (Rotaract Club)
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Maggie Daane (SM Women's Club), Lee Volker, Erika Webber and Kate Compton (VTC Queen Candidate)
1)  Barn Party Luau Info: Mike Buhring brought everyone up to date on the upcoming Barn Party Luau. Basically, we need everyone to get their auction items in to Mike or Sandy ASAP. We are fast approaching our scheduled date of May 12th, so we need everyone to get on board as quickly as possible. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to give Mike a call.
2) Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser: Friday April 20 at the Radisson. Our club has bought a table and still has two openings. Contact Roberto Rodriguez if you would like to attend.
3) Decorating Committee: Starting next week on April 23 (move-in day), there will be a grand total of only 7 decorating days to get the "barn" up to our high standards. All members are encouraged to help and participate during this crucial "all hands on deck" decorating process. A table was set up in the back of the room for sign ups. Hopefully all the clipboards got filled. If you forgot to sign up, please give Mark Jackson a call at 264-0313 and he'll be glad to add you to the list.
4) Rotary Club Employee Appreciation Meeting: This year it is scheduled for April 26 (only 7 days away) Please submit your name(s) to Mike Buhring as quickly as possible so that he can have all the award certificates prepared and ready to go.
5) Kate & Fergies Wine Party: All members are invited to the Ferguson residence tonight from 5:00 to 8:00 PM to have some great food, wine and other beverages. Please bring a a nice bottle of wine and/or spirits to use as an auction item for the upcoming barn party as your admission ticket. A big thank you to the Ferguson's and Testa Catering for an anticipated fun evening.
6) Peter Sterling: is doing much better and is improving more and more each day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you buddy! Looking forward to seeing you at our meetings again real soon.
7) Fashion in Aktion: May 7th is the date and Teresa Reyburn has all the info. Contact her if you're interested in attending.
8) Rotary Fiesta: The club has purchased a table, but it still needs to be filled. Contact Laurie Tamura if you are interested in going.
9) Leadership Santa Maria Valley: is looking for new recruits. Classes will begin soon. Glen Morris has all the dates and financial details. Please give him a call at his office (SM Chamber) for more information.
10) Tri-Valley RC Modelers: This Saturday (4/21) @ Elks Field. Tim Seifert has further details. Please contact him for more info
11) Womens Fund of North Santa Barbara County: President Maggie Daane was on hand to accept a $1,000 check from our club to help support this very worthy organization (see above picture).
Wendy Foxen: bragged $55 on the recent Rotating Dinner that she attended (courtesy of Kate & Fergie) at the Rancho Bowl. The $55 unfortunately matched her scoresurprise
Mike Buhring: bragged on Kate & Fergie for hosting the wine party at their home this evening (4/19). $50
Mike Cardona: has a birthday this weekend and he's retiring from the city on June 1st. Hee seemed to be a very happy guy this morning :) $50
Carol Bradfield: was also part of the aforementioned Ferguson Bowling Party. In fact, I think that she bowled an 88 (which was top score??). Anyway, that was worth $25
Ted Ortega: Celebrated two birthday's recently. His Dad turned 80 and his Daughter 20 for a big $100 brag. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Tim Seifert: was the best tipped waiter at last week's CALM event, winning him $150 in Hitching Post gift certificates (Thank Terri). That was worth a $50 brag.
Dale Johnson: recently returned from a week long Vaquero Ride where he won a horseshoe tournament (where I think that he won a new belt buckle) $50
Lee Carroll: not to be outdone, Lee bragged on his belt buckle as well (courtesy of Ted Ortega). He also had a great time at a Hitching Post rotating dinner. $50
Laurie Tamura: Also bowled at the Ferguson shindig. Now...Laurie and her husband are truly great bowlers, so it was a little painful to watch the others. They tried their best to teach some things, but you can only do so much. The final result was that everyone had a great time. Free Brag Month for Laurie
Roberto Rodriguez: brought his kids along for the bowling experience. They all had a spectacular time $20
Biscuit Cutter: No, it's not something that Betty Crocker invented. Turns out, it has something to do with two pieces of wood being joined together via holes and protruding wood prongs (biscuits). Hmmm.....who knew? Well the following people didn't, which cost them $30 each...Terry Dworaczyk, Doug Palmer and Tony Spinelli. Now, miraculously Ted Ortega knew the answer but there was a question about how he got it, so $10 was still levied.
Kate Compton
VTC Queen Candidate
This week's program was presented by Elks Queen Candidate Kate Compton. Kate is sponsored by the Vocational Training Center. During the next few weeks she and her team will be putting on a number of events that will help her raise much needed funds for the contest. She is competing against a number of other girls that are also vying for the valuable prize. A sizeable scholarship award will go to the ultimate winner. The different events are listed on the back of each window poster that you may see as you travel throughout town. Please do your best to help support the Elks and the Queen contest if you have the time and opportunity.
50/50 Winners
Dale Johnson and Wayne Miller
Please visit us at:
REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.