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Jul 14, 2022
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Council on Alcolhlism and Drug Abuse
Jul 28, 2022
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Aug 04, 2022
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Aug 11, 2022
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Aug 18, 2022
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Aug 25, 2022
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Jul 07, 2022
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MEETING DATE: July 7, 2022

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Roberto 'Berto' Rodriquez
FLAG SALUTE: Leonard Champion

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Anthony Ojeda, Darren McDuffie
Step Down Celebration: We will be celebrating at Trattoria Uliveto on Saturday July 9 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Drinks and heavy appetizers will be provided. Mike Gibson is still circulating a clipboard for sign-ups.  Note:  Mike Gibson shared that some SMBR members will be staying for dinner.  If you'd like to do so contact Mike.

President Berto     Lee Carroll     Frank Ortiz
Lee Carroll received a special recognition award from 
District 5240 at the recent district conference for stepping in to serve as the District Treasurer.
Movie Night at Toyota of Santa Maria
Encanto Movie from
Rotary families are invited to attend another roof top movie night at TSM.  The featured movie is Disney's Encanto! 
Date:  Friday, July 29
Start Time:  8:15
The event includes:
Free Encanto themed gift box for the kidos!
Popcorn, Nacho Bar, Hot Dogs, Theatre Candy & More!
Dress warm, bring a blanket and comfortable chair.
Please RSVP to:  David LeRoy at dleroy@toyotasm / (805) 264-9160
Lee Carroll bragged about Wayne Miller's invitation to participate in a Clysdale ride and many other activties. $ 25
Craig Bernard graced us with his presence after a 3-week African "Glamping" Safari, where he saw first hand what most of us will see only in the movies or at a wild animal park. $100
Suzanne Levy and hubby Ron returned from visiting family in Israel.  However, upon returning stateside the travel arrangements went south in a hurry, including a $450 Uber ride from Detroit to Chicago.  $100
Jerry Schmidt bragged about a well-planned trip to Las Vegas  and the Northwest for some "away time".  Unfortunately, COVID caught up with him and put a damper on things. However, he was well enough to enjoy a 4th of July party.  $120
Terri Strickland bragged about her success at the poker table and a great time in Vegas!  $50
Pat McDermott shared some stories about a 4th of July party at his casa and an Eagles concert in Paso.  $25
James Thomas bragged about his birthday!  $46
Jack Gresser bragged about a 5-week, 8,000 mile sojourn of America and enjoying some great golf courses, too!  $50
Mark Jackson had a great time at McDermott's 4th of July party.  He also attended a Rotary milestone, a Sting performance in Las Vegas and celebrated his son's engagement. $100
Mark Clarke, too, had a great time at McDermott's 4th of July party, which included a very competitive cornhole tournament. $25
John Grisante had the courage to announce and celebrating his wife's 30th birthday.  He lamented that he is no longer married to a woman in her twenties!  $30
Ken Bradley praised the skills of impromptu chiropractic services performed by Wayne Miller by being adjusted "on the fly" on a stairwell!  $30.
James Thomas was blessed with a fine from President Berto...just because! $30
Ron Levy must still be recovering from his $450 Uber ride from Detroit to Chicago, ' cause he forgot to mention his anniversary!  $30
Kate Ferguson presented an overview of previously conducted Rotating Dinners.  More to come!
Rande Downer, AKA Rerun, shared his Rotary and professional experiences in a craft talk.
Jim Bray & David LeRoy

Please visit us at: