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Nov 08, 2018
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Nov 15, 2018
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Nov 22, 2018
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Dec 06, 2018
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Dec 20, 2018
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Dec 27, 2018
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Nov 01, 2018
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Annual Christmas Parade of Lights
Downtown Santa Maria
Dec 01, 2018
MEETING DATE:  September 13, 2018
Mike Buhring, Club President
FLAG SALUTE:  Leonard Champion
INVOCATION:  Glenn Morris

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Scott Gollier and "Jason"??
Operation Surf: Volunteers are still needed to help with the upcoming Operation Surf event that is happening on Friday October 12th. Ted Ortega has the official clipboard if you can be of service on that day.
Casa at the Club: Our Rotary Club has purchased a table at this fundraising event on Saturday October 5th. All we need now are members to attend and hopefully participate. If you are interested, please contact Frank Ortiz as soon as possible.
OYFL Fundraiser: A dinner is slated for Saturday night (9/15) at the Santa Maria Country Club. "Stepping Out" will be the featured entertainment. The cost is $40 and Dale Johnson can answer all your questions.
"Cruzin For Life" Fundraising Dinner: Our club has once again purchased a table and we still have 8 spaces that need filling. The dates are 9/21 & 9/22 (not quite sure which one features the dinner?). Wendy Foxen has all the details and the sign up sheet.
YMCA Golf Tournament: The date is Friday September 29th at the Country Club. Shannon Seifert would like to see as many golfers as possible participate. Please give her a call if you're interested in playing (or purchasing Golf Ball Drop tickets).
OCAF Chalk Fest: Debbie Blow is very excited about the upcoming Chalk Fest in Old Orcutt. The date and time are Saturday September 29 from 10AM-3PM. This is a very family oriented event and everyone is encouraged to attend free of charge.
Concert for Hope: The date is fast approaching (9/29) and the concert is not yet sold out. You can sign up through Rotary via a clipboard (imagine that). The festivities start at 5:00 PM and Rich Watson hopes to see everybody there.
Dimensions in Dance: This year it look like the event will encompass seven days of performing (9/27 - 9/30) and (10/4 - 10/6). Tickets range from $16 - $18 and can be purchased at the AHC box office. I would say contact Kevin Walthers for more info but I don't think he has a clue as to what is going onlaugh
2018 District Conference: It's on October 5th & 6th and it's in Bakersfield. Registration is paid for five willing members that would like to attend. Contact Mike Buhring if you would like make the trek and represent us (hopefully in a good way).
Progressive Auction: Professional (and I use the term very loosely) auctioneer Pat McDermott took over the reins and raised a substantial amount of money for a one way Santa Maria to Salinas airplane trip for two. After a spirited bidding session, Ted Ortega was the ultimate winner. He then generously donated the trip to second place finishers Tim & Shannon Seifert who will hitch hike back to Santa Maria afterwards (what an awesome couple!!)wink
Meeting Makeups
Members are encouraged to visit other Rotary Clubs when out of town or unable to attend one of our meetings.  Make Rotary part of your vacation and get your Club Banner from Secretary Ken Bradley to trade with your destination Rotary Club.
Michelle Jensen: (Rotarian of the Month) freely bragged on her Interact Club kids for helping out at last week's Shoes for Students Golf Tournament. She also attended her nephew's recent wedding.
Kate Ferguson: was very excited to brag about the results of the SOS Golf Tournament that happened last Sunday. She was very proud that over 50% of the proceeds came from our club. $100
Terri Stricklin: will be celebrating 38 years of marital bliss at a Poker Boot Camp with 10 other women friends. Luckily she has a very loving and understanding husband. They will do their celebrating at a later date but that's still worth $38
Rich Watson: is going to Las Vegas. That's all he said but we still got $25 out of him.
Mark Jackson: is going to Aspen to do something that I didn't quite catch (everybody talks so fast and I don't take shorthand). I'm sure that it's going to be fun though. $25
Andy Caldwell: will be traveling to his favorite vacation spot (betcha Mesquite, Nevada didn't pop into your mind). He and the rest of the Caldwell clan are looking forward to some valuable family time and much deserved rest and relaxation. He also mentioned that he has selected tickets to his upcoming COLAB dinner on October 20th for 1/2 price ($50 each). Please contact him quickly if you're interested in going. $100
Kevin Walthers: felt guilty about crashing the recent Riverbench Winery BBQ last Friday. He and Shannon did have a great time though. He also bragged on Ryan Swack for making room at the Inn for a Measure U committee meeting. $75
Ryan Swack: recently returned from a week long visit to "The Happiest Place on Earth" (I'll let you figure it out). He also was very proud of his son's group that raised $212 for Kate's SOS fundraiser. Next week he and his wife are going to see an Oakland A's game to celebrate their anniversary. $50
David Leroy: celebrated a birthday on the 7th and cooked a 90 lb pig with all the fixins. We realized that our invitations must have gotten lost in the mail (does that happen with e-mail?)cheeky Anyway, he made up for it with a very generous $100 brag.
Ken Bradley: bragged on his son's 7th birthday on September 11th. This included a fire station party that was hosted by Leonard Champion and his staff. Everyone did a fabulous job and the kids had fun, which is the most important part. $50
The following members were fined $30 apiece for not wearing their name tag (shame on you)
Mark Jackson
Kate Ferguson
Dave Wright
Terri Stricklin
Lee Carroll
Kevin Walthers
Jim Bray
Peter Sterling
Shannon Seifert
This week's program was presented by Glenn Morris and Leonard Champion. They explained the November ballot measure (Measure U) and took questions from the audience afterwards. The speakers emphasized the importance of the measure and how an extra 3/4 of a sales tax percent would greatly enhance and improve important services that are currently provided by the city. Many thanks go to these two gentlemen as they were not expecting to be the program speakers this morning. Jason Stillwell was scheduled to present but for some reason he was not in attendance this morning (fine anyone?). Anyway, the program was very informative and gave us all a lot to think about.
Food for Thought
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