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MEETING DATE:  December 5, 2019

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Kevin Walthers
VISITING ROTARIANS: District Governor Savi Bhim, Judy Henbury and Scottie Ortiz

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Anthony Bustamante and Katy Caldwell
PCPA "The Little Mermaid": It's an absolute SOLD OUT event. Our club actually has about 80 people attending the event on 12/6. Should be fun.
 2019 Christmas Parade of Lights: The parade is scheduled for this Saturday (12/7) beginning at 5:20 pm. There is a possibility of heavy rain, which would ultimately cancel the parade. All members and participants are urged to check the website ( anytime after 10:00 am on that date to see the status of the event. Let's all help Peter Kang and say our prayers tonight and tomorrow and hopefully a break in the weather will occur for us.
Toy Drive: Mike Gibson is organizing a Toy Drive that benefits the Probation Department and the female parolees and their children. All toys will be purchased on December 14. A sign up sheet is available for donating money as well as time to help out. Time is running out, so sign up today.
Rotary Christmas Party: Saturday December 21, 2019 (Time: TBA) at Testas Bistro. The cost is $80 per person. Kate Ferguson is organizing the event and an internet sign up sheet is now available. Hope to see everyone there!
Guatemala Trip (International Service): Mark Jackson has all the info on joining fellow Rotarians on a trip to Guatemala. This will be a working trip that will be highlighted by many social experiences as well, There are three trips scheduled that range from the first part of February 2020 to the end of March. If interested, please contact Mark ASAP.
Annual Rotary Family Christmas Breakfast (with "special guest" Santa Claus): This years event will occur on Thursday December 19 at 7:00 AM. Location: Santa Maria Country Club. Please e-mail Wendy Foxen the age of your attending children and what type of present that they would prefer. It's probably a good idea to say how many adults will be attending as well.
Coats, Jackets, Sweaters, etc: are now desperately needed for less fortunate families during the holiday season. Kate Ferguson is accepting all donations. Please give her a call or drop them by her office and she will make sure that they get to the right place. You can also bring donations to our club meetings as well
Season of Hope: Wednesday December 11, 2019 - 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (date may not be correctblush). 1825 S. Broadway Santa Maria
Paul Harris Award Winners
New Paul Harris Society Member - Dr. Michael Moats
Monthly Rotarians of the Decade: This week Tim and Shannon Seifert were the recipients of this distinguished honor. The free brags included 38 years of marriage, Mike Gibson using the word "falderal" correctly in a sentence and Tim telling the District Governor Savi Bhim to make sure that she sits centered on the parade float so that it doesn't fall apart. All good things to knowwink
Jason Stillwell: jokingly wanted to stress the importance of doing a background check on all future members. Hmmm......if we would have done that with him, he might have had to settle being a Kiwanian instead (just sayin)laugh $25
Laurie Tamura: is having her business (Urban Planning Concepts) annual open house party on Thursday December 12th at 4:00 PM. All club members are invited to attend. NOTE: It looks like it was a "freebie" brag, so let's all go and eat (lots), drink (lots more) and be merry (endlessly)!
Andy Caldwell: is having a campaign rally on Saturday December 7 (Parade Day) at the Santa Maria Radisson @ 11:30 AM. Everyone is invited to come out and help support him. He would also like for it not to rain, but his event is inside, so unless I'm mistaken...."no worries"  $50
 This week a zillion members were fined $30 each (or maybe it was only 32?). Anyway, it seemed like a lot. The reasons ranged from "What kind of tool are you?" to practically nobody having the Club Runner app on their cell phone. Suffice it to say that it was a very quick way to get $960 into the club coffers.

Rotary District Governor

Savi Bhim


 This morning, our Rotary District Governor Savi Bhim was a guest at our weekly meeting. She was here in Santa Maria to be a participant in our annual Christmas parade on Saturday December 7th. She took the opportunity to speak to our club about the history of Rotary and how the organization came to be. Starting with Paul Harris and his 1905 start up of four business men in Chicago to where we are today with an organization that not only spans the states but also the majority of other countries world wide as well. She spoke about assorted events and milestones that occurred over the years that included Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin leaving a copy of our "Four Way Test" on the surface of the moon in 1969. To sum up her talk with something to think about, she urged all members to "Stay humble, Keep learning and Keep evolving". Thank you Ms. Bhim for all your hard work during your year as D.M. It was a pleasure getting to know you and we appreciate the time spent with us.

Dan Blough
Jim Small

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