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MEETING DATE: January 6, 2022

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Leonard Champion
INVOCATION: Suzanne Levy

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Randy Downer & Robert Meyer.
The Barn Party: May 14, 2022 It's been a long time but we are now getting organized.
Suzanne Levy: Suzanne told us about a Library in Guatemala that she and other Rotarians are raising money to help support.
Mike Gibson: Mike talked about the $3,000.00 our club sent to help with the Tornado relief in Kentucky & Arkansas.
President James Thomas: James shared with the club a note from Linda Maloney.
Frank Ortiz: Frank talked about the need for volunteers to tell about their Rotary Minute.
 Dale Johnson: Dale bragged on his daughter who appeared unannounced (to him) at his front door Christmas Day disguised as Santa Clause. $50
Frank Culley: Frank gave special thanks to Kate Ferguson and all of the Meal Train volunteers that stepped up to help Frank and Pat during a time of need. There really is no way to express the appreciation felt. Rotary truly is a Family that steps up to help when and where needed. ($75 General Fund + $75 Compassion Fund)
Laurie Tamura: Laurie bragged on her 43rd Wedding Anniversary. $43
Leonard Champion: Leonard bragged on his 53rd Birthday. $53
Peter Kang: Peter bragged on his 38th Birthday. $38
Jerry Schmidt: Jerry bragged on having 25 Kids and 7 dogs at his house over the holidays. Jerry also talked about the need of a special (hard to find) bicycle charging device that was actually found at Doug Palmer's house. (Small world) $25
Tanya Astrosky: Tanya bragged on her 29th wedding anniversary and her sons 26th birthday. $55 
Tim Seifert: Tim bragged on meeting his daughters boyfriends parents and spending time with them. $30
Lee Carroll:  Lee bragged on Kate who showed him how to set up a Meal Train for a friend of his who wasn't physically able to cook and needed help with feeding her Grandkids that she has custody of. $15
Mike Moates: Mike bragged on his 32nd Wedding Anniversary. $32
Mike Moates and Peter Kang: Their fines were waived because of their brags.
Holly Edds, Betty Miller, Doug Palmer, Jerry Walsh & Randy Wise: All fined for not introducing Randy Downer who was sitting at their table. $30 each 
Kevin Walthers Ph,D., Superintendent / President of Hancock College
Kevin Walters, past President of The Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast, talked to us about the "Changing The Odds" program at Hancock College. Any student taking 12 units or more is considered to be a full time student and tuition is free for those students. The goal is clearly to have more students graduate with a degree because a student with a degree is more likely to land a good job with a future. A win win for everyone.
Allan Hancock College has been named one of the nation’s top 150 community colleges and is eligible to compete for the 2023 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence and $1 million in prize funds. This is the fifth time that Hancock has been recognized by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program.
“Hancock is honored to be recognized for the amazing work that our faculty, staff and administrators do to support our students and ensure their success,” said Hancock Superintendent/President Kevin G. Walthers, Ph.D. “This is further evidence that our college is truly changing the odds for our students and our community.”
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