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MEETING DATE: June 10, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Past President Mike Gibson
FLAG SALUTE: Tim Staffel

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Antonio Garcia (Program Speaker) and Julianne Moreno
Ryan Swack: continues to successfully recuperate at home. Please volunteer on the "Meal Train" if possible, to help out the family. Kate Ferguson has all the details if you would like to participate
Rotary Step Down Party: has now been re-scheduled to August 14. It will still be held at the Testa residence from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The cost is $65 per person. A signup clipboard will continue to be circulated at each Rotary meeting.
SM Police Council Golf Tournament and Comedy Night: Santa Maria Country Club will host the event on Saturday August 13. Tickets are going fast and sponsorships are still available.
Econ Alliance Golf Tournament: is happening on August 23. If you would like to participate, contact Laurie Tamura for more details.
Boys & Girls Club Golf Tournament: will be held on July 26. Berto Rodriguez has all the details if you would like to sign up.
Editors Correction: two weeks ago Jim Bray bragged on his good friend 98 year old Jim Kunkle Sr for being an energetic and enthusiastic senior citizen that's still going strong. The editor misunderstood, and thought he heard that he had passed away. Please accept my deepest apology. Way to go Jim Kunkle! Hope you have many more years to come!!
Peter Sterling: having retired, he is now into barrel racing (with horses even). To haul his livestock around, he bought a brand new Ram truck. $100
Frank Culley: had a recent birthday. I'm assuming that $79 has some significance. Happy Birthday Frank!
Kate Ferguson: is now eligible (or will be soon) for Medicare. Thank you for the $65.
Ken Bradley: traveled around to a few places. Palm Springs, state colleges, etc (couldn't write that fast). He and the family had a great time. $30
Mike Moats: recently returned from his Arizona home where he killed off a few more of his landscape cacti (never ending battle). $50
James Thomas: was excited to announce that he now has officially adopted his new daughter Mikala. (Note: $20 President Gibson took away the fine amount and issued a $20 credit).
Leonard Champion: and his wife purchased a new "used" BMW that they are very happy about. $100
Mark Clarke: recently returned from the annual Palm Springs buddy golf tournament. Didn't win, but bragged $30
Craig Bernard: is the organizer of the Palm Springs tournament and bragged $24 for 24 years of the event.
Terri Stricklin: bragged $100 on James Thomas and his bank for guiding her family business through the PPP loan process last year.

Patrice Mosby: apparently left her high fashion denim jacket at last week's meeting. As a result, a luxury fine of $20 was issued to her Rotary accountsurprise
Jerry Schmidt: apparently has a porta-potty in the parking lot of his business that he knows nothing about. A hefty $70 fine was given by Gibson.
Kate Ferguson: didn't brag on Mike Buhring's daughter who is currently working for her. $25
Holly Edds & Antonio Garcia
   Holly and Antonio spoke to the membership about what to expect when school resumes later in the year. After the pandemic, this will be a time of slow transition for both teachers and students as the try to ramp up as quickly as possible to meet the needs of all grade levels. A Power Point presentation showed how key areas will be focused on by the teaching staff as they develop their lesson plans. Questions were taken from the audience after the presentation was given.
Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary congratulates all graduateslaugh

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