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MEETING DATE: June 24, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Past President Mark Jackson
FLAG SALUTE: Abel Maldonado

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Carlos Cortez (Program Speaker)
Rotary Step Down Party: has now been re-scheduled to August 14. It will still be held at the Testa residence from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The cost is $65 per person. A signup clipboard will continue to be circulated at each Rotary meeting until full. Note: Please make sure that you mark no on the sheet if you can't attend so that an accurate amount of food and drink can be established.
SM Police Council Golf Tournament and Comedy Night: Santa Maria Country Club will host the event on Saturday August 13. Tickets are going fast and sponsorships are still available.
Econ Alliance Golf Tournament: is happening on August 23. If you would like to participate, contact Laurie Tamura for more details.
Boys & Girls Club Golf Tournament: will be held on July 26. Berto Rodriguez has all the details if you would like to sign up.
In Lieu of the Luauwink: Since the Rotary Luau will not be happening again this year, all members will assessed a donation amount that they can either pay in one lump sum or pay in payments as the fiscal year progresses. Please consult with Lee Carroll to confirm the amount that you are signed up for.
Interact Club: Michelle Jensen announced that the high school Interact Club that she mentors is currently looking for worthwhile volunteer projects that they can participate in. If you know of a project that fits the bill, please contact Michelle and let her know the details.
Progressive Auction: Before normal brags began, a progressive auction for slain police officer Luca Benedetti was given to raise much needed funds for his widow and two young children. A total amount of $1,054 was raised with the auctioned hat going to Abel Maldonado as the highest bidder.
Wendy Foxen: Recently returned from her home town in Atlanta, Georgia where she visited family and friends. She also got to personally wished her Dad a very "Happy 80th Birthday" in South Carolina. $100
Doug Palmer: Bragged on his and Kathy's 49th wedding anniversary. Congratulations you two!! $49
Rich Watson: Recently received a promotion at his radio company that involves a larger geographic area and more stations. He also bragged that Andy Caldwell will be hosting his radio show on KSMA in the very near future. $100
Andy Caldwell: Is very happy that he will be changing stations in the coming months. He is very proud of his show and what it has to offer. $50
Ed Carcarey: was very happy to announce that "Downtown Fridays" is back and better than ever. He also bragged on his son who is attending a prominent water polo college on a full ride scholarship. $50
Kevin Walthers: Traveled to Texas to help his Mother move to Santa Maria and live at Merrill Gardens. $100
Mark Jackson: Bragged on his good friend Arnold Mclain who was a decorated war veteran and prison survivor. At 101 years old, he had definitely been through a wide variety of hardships and persevered through them all. Mark was very proud to have known him. $25
NOTE: Picture can not be flipped due to some software glitch. Apologies from the editor
Acting President Jackson asked the following people to stand up and answer Rotary Club trivia, if they could not, then they were brought to their fine limit. Needless to say, everyone is now at their fine limitlaugh
As an aside: All answers were "Pat McDermott" (no matter what the subject matter)
Tanya Astrosky, Pat McDermott, Craig Bernard, Frank Culley, Chris Logan, Betty Miller, Kathy Simas, Laurie Tamura and Ryan Swack
50 /50 Winners:
Rich Watson & James Thomas
Carlos Cortez
Note: Picture can not be flipped due to some software glitch. Apologies from the editor   
Today's program was presented by Mr. Carlos Cortez who is the current CEO for the Los Padres Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He spoke about the devastating fire that took place at Camp Whittier and the rebuilding process at Camp Rancho Alegre. All camp construction projects are progressing nicely. Environmental sustainability is a top priority going forward, with more nature than buildings being focused on. 70% of their donation goal has been achieved with more donors surfacing every day.

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