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MEETING DATE: July 8, 2021

President James Thomas
MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Jason Stillwell
VISITING ROTARIANS: Juan Carlos (Grover Beach)

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Julianne Moreno, Nate Totorica, Audrey Totorica, Faith Totorica, Jim Glines, Kathy Glines, Allison Wall, Carla Sanchez, Tony Gonzalez, Tim Bombem and Jaime Flores.
Per President James Thomas: Board Meetings will be held on the third Thursday of each month immediately following our regular club meeting. Having said that, the first Board meeting under President Thomas will occur next week (7/15), so board members please mark your calendars.
Rotary Step Down Party: If you have not RSVP'd to the upcoming party (see below), please contact Mike Gibson as soon as possible.
SM Police Council Golf Tournament and Comedy Night: Santa Maria Country Club will host the event on Saturday August 13. Tickets are going fast and sponsorships are still available.
Econ Alliance Golf Tournament: is happening on August 23. If you would like to participate, contact Laurie Tamura for more details.
Boys & Girls Club Golf Tournament: will be held on July 26. Berto Rodriguez has all the details if you would like to sign up.
Third Annual SB County Farm Day: Will be on July 15, 2021 at Paul Allen's Home. 5:30 - 7:30 PM
2022 Barn Party Luau: Yes, that's right. We actually have a firm date reserved at the Fairpark for next year's event. All members mark your calendars for May 14, 2022. Hopefully we will continue to be back to normal so that our annual fundraiser goes off without a hitch.
 Jerry Walsh: bragged $25 on Frank Culley who successfully helped him with his e-mail problem. Way to go Frank!
Mike Gibson: bragged $25 on his brand new grandson (that's now 7 grandkids if your counting). He also bragged an additional $25 on Kevin James and President's Swack and Thomas for providing 11 (slightly) used computers and $2,000 cash to our local Civil Air Patrol club for young students.
Chris Logan: recently returned from a family trip to Boston where they experienced birthday celebrations and engagement parties. Everything went well and they had a great time. $50
The following members were fined $30 each for a wide variety of different reasons (you had to be there)
Ken Bradley, Mike Cardona, Lee Carroll, Laurie Tamura,
Marc Schneider and Jason Francia
50 /50 Winners:
Tim Seifert & Jim Glines
Allan Hancock College Rodeo Team
This morning our club was honored to have members of the AHC Rodeo Team come and speak about their new program. Jim Glines gave our club background information on the inception of the program and how they have assembled some excellent competitors to represent our local college. In fact, Rotary member Michael Moat's granddaughter is an active participant in the rodeo competition. This past year, the team has had the pleasure of attending nine different rodeos to compete in.
Since no college financing is available, the program depends solely on contributions from the community. Charter membership's are available for $1,000 and a fundraiser Dinner/Auction has been scheduled for August 7th. A table of 10 has been purchased by our club for this event. Contact President Thomas if you would like to attend.
Missing Gavel???
It has come to the Editor's attention that apparently newly inducted President James official gavel has now mysteriously disappeared. Where it is, we haven't a clue?? We are just the messengers (don't shoot us pleasewink)

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