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MEETING DATE:  January 18, 2018
Call to Order: Acting President Frank Ortiz
Flag Salute:    David Leroy
Invocation:     Glenn Morris
HONORARY ROTARIANS:  Linda Maloney & Karl McClain
1) 2018 Barn Party: Saturday May 12, 2018. Contact Mike Buhring for more details 
2) Good Samaritan Shelter Feed: Thursday January 25. Contact Jason Stillwell if you would like to participate.
3) Special Olympics Dinner: Saturday February 3 @ the Vet's Hall. Mike Gibson has all the details.
4) Hometown Heroes: Our club has two family members to be proud of. Robert Ortega (Ted's father) and Lee Carroll
5) Rotary PEARLS Training: Coming the weekend of February 24th & 25th. Mark that down in your calendar.
Ted Ortega: bragged $100 on his Dad being chosen for Hometown Heroes.
Mark Jackson: bragged on his daughter's new job as well as reflecting back 20 years ago when he was club president and traveled to Scotland for a convention. $50 to the compassion fund.
Craig Bernard: traveled to a wide variety of South American countries (Columbia, Bogota, Amazonia, etc) and then managed to go snow skiing in Utah. Now it's time to get back to work like the rest of us :)  $50
Shannon Seifert: recently returned from a CEO convention in Nashville where she encountered an Uber driver that she definitely won't forget for quite some time (what happens at Rotary, stays at Rotary). That was worth $50.
Ryan Swack: his son Cooper, recently turned four which involved a Boomers party and a trip to Disneyland. By the way, he's also has some of his kid's fundraising tickets to sell as well. A very proud Dad....$50
Jerry Walsh: had a great time in Puerto Vallarta visiting with his three brothers for some great family bonding time. $50
City Employees: Jason Stillwell, Mike Cardona, Teresa Reyburn and Leonard Champion were all fined $30 each because Frank still sees city Christmas decorations hanging up in various places around town. Don't think it's directly their fault but I have a hunch that it will be taken care of fairly quickly. Mike Cardona was fined an additional $15 for not keeping his mouth shut and taking his lumps gracefully (oh well, live and learn)
Club Accountants: Pat McDermott, Craig Bernard and Lee Carroll were fined $30 each for the new tax laws and Frank not knowing anything about them (at least I think that's what happened?) Anyway, $30 each guys.
Vocational Talks
This weeks program was presented by two of our newest club members (pictured below with Frank Ortiz). Each one spoke about their chosen field, their families and personal interests. Mr. Glenn Morris is the CEO of the S.M.V. Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Convention Bureau. Mr. David Leroy is the General Manager of Santa Maria Toyota. They also received their official Blue Badges (after completing all of their Red Badge requirements) earlier in the meeting.
Next week's meeting will be held at the Radisson Hotel
See you next weeklaugh
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REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.