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May 14, 2022
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MEETING DATE: April 7, 2022

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
INVOCATION: Jason Francia
VISITING ROTARIANS: Herb Gooch (Program)

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Kelly Briggs, Steve Fuhring, Pat Couglin and John Grisanti.
Rotary Barn Party Luau: Berto Rodriguez spoke to the membership about the importance of selling your tickets and turning your items in. Kathy Simas is now in charge of ticket sales, so please turn your ticket stubs and money into her as soon as you see her. Frank Ortiz spoke about using your creativity to create unique auction items. Having said that, Pat McDermott (pictured) stood up and told the membership about the creative item that he and his son-in-law are currently putting together. Mark Jackson (also pictured) showed his collection of sign-up clipboards for his set up crews. Please check them out and sign up for as many as you can. All helpers are welcome. Remember, the Barn Party/Luau is only five weeks away. So, let's get busysmiley
8th Grade Community Interviews: After an absence due to Covid, the interviews will return May 16 - 19 at Orcutt and Lakeview Jr. High Schools. Adult interviewers are needed. Sign up clipboards will be circulated beginning next week.
 Boys & Girls Club Auction: Mark your calendars for Saturday April 9th (this Saturday) for the annual fundraising auction. The event will be at the Radisson Hotel starting at 5:30 PM. One Rotary table is currently full but I'm sure Berto can find a place for you if you and your guest would like to attend
Nipomo Rotary Club "Silver" Anniversary:  Saturday, April 9th (also this Saturday) at the Santa Maria Inn. Quite a few of our members (10 so far) will be in attendance. Tickets are $48/ea.  Contact Mike Gibson if you would like to go  
Ladies Get Loud: will be happening on Thursday, April 28 at the Santa Maria Toyota building (rooftop) from 5:00 to 7:00. If you would like to attend or volunteer your time, call Mike Gibson for more details. Dinner will be prepared by Chef Alfonso and his staff.
Santa Maria South Rotary:  Vicki Connor shared  that the Human Trafficking session is scheduled for April 18 (only one left).  There is still room to attend.  The cost to participate is $30.
Colab Annual Dinner:  The date is April 23. The Rotary table is almost full. Comedian Paul Rodriguez will be the entertainment. The Rotary rate is $65 per person (1/2 price). Contact Frank Ortiz if you would like to attend.
Discovery Museum Kite Festival:
Tanya Astrosky: traveled back to Arkansas where she saw her Mom accept a well deserved Lifetime Achievement award. $30
Berto Rodriguez: bragged on Ryan Swack for making rooms available to him and his family on their recent visit. $25
Lee Carroll: bragged on Mark Jackson for providing his church with palm frons for Easter service. $25
Shannon Seifert: a three parter....Marc Schneider and his police drones, Sue Anderson with currently no COVID cases at Marian and finally, the amount of guys wearing shorts to the meeting this morning (lots)laugh $30

Frank Ortiz: happy that only three spots are left at the Rotary table for the COLAB dinner. $10
Terry Dworaczyk: didn't brag on his recent Vegas trip. $30
Mike Gibson: didn't brag on his 39th wedding anniversary. $30
Kevin Walthers: No brag on the Robotics team win in Texas. $30
Mark Bachman:  no wife birthday brag. $30
Tim Seifert: didn't brag on his recent birthday. Shannon was also fined because she's married to him wink$30 each.
Frank Culley: for not knowing that he was celebrating his Rotary membership anniversary. $30
Jason Stillwell: for not letting us know about his wife's recent birthday, $30
Jack Gresser, Mark Clarke and Tim Staffell for not letting us know about the final outcome of the AHC Golf Tournament. $30 each
Laurie Tamura: for calling President James a different first name (Jason) at today's meeting. $30
Herb Gooch
Understanding The Electoral College
Mr Gooch spoke to the club about the the creation, history and how the procedure works and affects our elections. The information was lengthy and very interesting but I would not do it justice if I tried to explain it in this segment. My suggestion would be to Google it and research it yourself. This is one of many times that it pays to be in attendance at our Thursday meetings. Mr. Gooch is not only an educator but he is also an active member of the Thousand Oaks chapter of Rotary. Thank you Herb. We appreciate you and are glad that you were able to join us this morning.
And the winners are.....
Jack Gresser & Peter Sterling

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