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MEETING DATE: February 18, 2021

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge of Allegiance
VISITING (HONORARY) ROTARIANS: Michael Moats & Ed Carcarey (Kidding!)

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Gabriel Munro (Today's Speaker)
Toyota of Santa Maria: David Leroy is heading up a fundraiser that involves used and in "great shape" purses that will be sold to raise funds for a worthy charity. All purses must have a value of at least $100. Contact David for further details.
Covid-19 Vaccines: Kevin Walthers let all club members know that Covid-19 vaccines are now available (2/16) for anyone who is 65 years or older. Vaccines are available at a variety of locations, including Marian Medical Center.
Frank Ortiz: bragged on Peter Kang and his new Facebook contribution that explained the meaning of Lent. Very well done and informative. $25
Laurie Tamura: recently returned from a mini vacation to San Diego. Her and Jeff played a little golf and went to Lion Country Safari. Laurie also wanted all of us to keep Jeff in our thoughts and prayers as he begins 7 week radiation treatment at Mission Hope. $100
Mark Bachman: had another great experience at the Hitching Post in Casmalia where he took a close friend to dine. $100
Mark Jackson: bragged on the Good Samaritans that helped him clean up his unfortunate floor tile spillage (66 boxes) from his truck at the intersection of McCoy and Bradley. He very much "lucked out" as little damage occurred. It's good to know that there are still quite a few good people out theresmiley
Pat McDermott: was very proud to brag on his daughter Megan who lives in Austin, Texas. With the severe weather and energy shortage, Megan reached out to friends of hers that were not quite as fortunate. She welcomed them into her home so that they could stay warm and have adequate shelter during these trying times. Pat donated $100 to the compassion fund.
Terry Dworaczyk: bragged on his wife's birthday on February 15. Terry is such a romantic that he bought her the finest pots and pans that money can buy. Hopefully they look nice as most likely he will be wearing one in the near futurewink
Mike Moats and Ed Carcarey: were fined $30 for not attending a meeting in a very long time
Jason Francia: was also fined $30 for his comments earlier in the meeting
 Gabriel Munro
The program today was provided by Gabriel Munro. Gabriel explained the mission and purpose of the Amarok Society who devotes their time and efforts to help educate underprivileged children in third world countries, in particular Bangladesh. Due to the shortage of qualified teachers, the society reaches out to the mothers of the children and helps them become teachers themselves. This pyramid training helps to alleviate the growing shortage of standard teachers and with classrooms filling up to 60+ students, is a welcome addition to the education system. Mr. Munro was a very moving speaker and afterwards many club members expressed interest in donating to the cause. Lee Carroll is currently accepting pledges and will bill you on your next monthly statement if you wish to contribute.
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