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MEETING DATE:  March 1, 2018
Call to Order:  Acting/Past President Mark Jackson
Flag Salute:   Randy Wise
Invocation:    Terry Dworaczyk
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Jessa Brooks and Robin Wingell


Frank Ortiz announced that Rotary foreign exchange student, Niung Chang is taking pre-orders for her cookbooks.  She is asking for a donation of $10 per cookbook. 

North County Vision Program


Robin Wingell, Special Education Teacher for the Santa Barbara County Office of Education, North County Vision Program, spoke about their program.  She thanked the club for our support over the years.  They have money left over from Rotary’s donation from last year.  They are also doing a fund raiser, this Saturday at Applebee’s.  The moneys raised are used to support trips for the visually impaired students.  This year’s trip will be to Wonder Valley, near Fresno.  They feel that they are in a good position for their trip this year. 

Compassion Fund
Pat McDermott and Tim Seifert presented information on the Compassion Fund.  This fund helps with catastrophic events in the lives of our members and their families.  The fund was started in 2004 with Bob Friedlein, who was suddenly stricken with a life threatening illness. The purpose of the Fund is to provide a responsive means for funding needed assistance.

It is intended to provide a tangible way to help out monetarily.  The fund consists of moneys contributed voluntarily from us and is administered by a committee of members from the club. A request can originate from anyone from inside the club.  Contribution limits are $2,500 or no more than 50% of fund.

We have a new heartbreaking need; Jim Friedlein, Bob’s Friedlein’s son’s girlfriend, Jessica, just passed away unexpectedly.   Jessica and Jim were not married, Jim had the ring in his pocket, and was going to present it to her.  Daughter Aspen is10 years old and they have a new baby.  They had just bought a house together.  Donations were taken and the club approved support from the compassion fund.  Including the $5,000 from the Compassion Fund, over $11,0200 was raised for the Friedlein family.

Budget Planning
At our next Board meeting we will be reviewing the budget for next year.  In reviewing Kristine’s budget, we need to be thinking about the things we fund.  Email Laurie Tamura with budget requests for next year, or attend the meeting. 

Day of Hope
Jessa Banks and Kerin Mase shared that the Day of Hope for the Mission Hope Cancer Center is April 11. The Cancer Center steps in to help family members suffering from cancer.   They help with paying bills, transportation to treatments, Christmas for children, etc.  It will be the easiest fund raising event you ever do; it entails standing on the corner with your orange apron selling newspapers.  There was a discussion around having an intersection designated specifically for Rotary for the Day of Hope Drive.  If you want to be on a team let Mike Gibson know. 

Guatemala Trip
Mark Jackson, Terry Dworaczyk, and Rob and Sandy Buchanan went to Guatemala.  They will have a presentation about the trip on the March 29th.   It was a wonderful trip.  Guatemalan coffee is for sale. $15 each or 2 for $25.

Ladies get Loud
April 12th is the Lady’s Get Loud for CALM Celebrity Waiters events.   Tips all go to support CALM.  We have a table for the ladies, and room for waiters for the guys. 


Tim Seifert bragged $50 on his last night as chair of the City Council Community Block Grant program.  It was a  good night.

Jean-luc Garon bragged $100 on Ryan Swack for receiving the Radisson President’s award for 2018.

Ed Carcarey bragged $50 on Pat McDermott.  Due to Pat’s team losing the Super Bowl, Pat had to take Ed to Ullivetos.  It was a great meal topped off with homemade cannoli.

Roberto Rodriguez bragged $20 bragged Tim and James for the Community Fund.

Debbie Blow bragged $25 on the club for their support of the Orcutt Children’s Arts Foundation Gala.

Jim Peterson bragged $50 on celebrating his anniversary and a trip to Hawaii last week. 

Jim Bray bragged $25 on Dave Wright and Robo Bank.  They gave $1 Million, to Allan Hancock college, the largest donation Hancock has ever received. 

Andy Caldwell bragged $100 on a multifaceted brag and it was difficult to catch everything.   It went something like this; his dad was a Baton Death March survivor, and I think Andy is participating in a marathon?   Andy will also go to a Conference in San Diego, and the COLAB dinner is coming up featuring comedian, Wayne Brady.  

Kerin Mase bragged $25 on the Mission Hope cancer center for the great work they do day in an out for the entire family unit.

There were no fines, but there was a big question about how many Rotarians it takes to que up a PowerPoint presentation??
We really appreciated the support of Kerin Mase's guest, Jessa Banks.

Frank Ortiz and James Thomas shared some information about Club Runner.

James shared that there is a Club Runner App that can be very helpful in finding information.  If you open up the App, you can see the roster of the whole club; it has the phone #, email address and address.  Through the App you can easily transfer information from Club Runner into your contacts.  Go to the App Store type in “Club Runner” and download the App

Frank reviewed the current Rotary website and pointed out some of the interesting components, including the history of the club.  Frank and Mike Gibson demonstrated the login page for Club Runner from the website.  If you don’t know the login to the webpage google “Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary”

Frank stressed the importance of checking your information in Club Runner to make sure that it is correct and up to date. Remember, what you put into Club Runner is what we use to communicate with our members.  If you’ve lost your user name and password, contact Frank.

Please visit us at:
REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.