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MEETING DATE: January 20, 2022

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Patrice Mosby

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Program (Ellen Torres)
Shoes For Students Poker Tournament Fundraiser: Saturday March 12, 2022 / 1:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased from Kate Ferguson or Terri Stricklin.
Kevin Walthers: Kevin mentioned that Los Lobos will be at Presqu'ile Winery on April 8th 2022.
Mike Gibson: Mike talked about the Boys & Girls Club "Kids Night Out" on February 24th, 2022
Patrice Mosby: Patrice mentioned the Ag Forum, sponsored by Economic Alliance on February 3rd, 2022. It will be about the future of innovation in agriculture.
Rotary Minute: This morning Tim Seifert mentioned how he was exposed to Rotary at the age of about 12. Tim talked about his time at PETS and his preparation for the all important picture. Tim was having problems with his attire and a fellow Rotarian gave Tim his shirt, tie and Jacket. Tim literally had his PETS picture taken wearing another mans clothes. 
 Laurie Tamura: Laurie bragged on Jeff's Birthday and on spending some time golfing at the Alisal Ranch. $68
Shannon Seifert: Shannon bragged on her 61st birthday and also bragged on the Lobster at the Hitching Post. $61
Jason Francia: Jason bragged on The Hitching Post Restaurant where he took a few friends for dinner. His problems started when he rearranged Terri's furniture just a smidgen. $10 
Berto Rodriguez: (No Picture) $30
Ryan Swack: James questioned why Ryan was getting a special breakfast served for just himself. The answer was "Heart Attack" Still cost Ryan $30
Ellen Torres
Ellen talked to us today about Casa of Hope which serves members of our community that are victims of Human Trafficking.
Ellen told us of her personal experiences with Human Trafficking.
A couple of alarming things are that 60% of Foster Kids are trafficked and that Santa Maria is a major hub of Human Trafficking.
January is Human Trafficking Month so this program was very timely.
Ellen talked about some different types of Human Trafficking but the one that caught my attention was the scenario where the victim would be working the fields during the day and working the streets at night, all to pay off a debt. My thoughts went to the people coming across our southern border brought by smugglers. It is common knowledge that they can't pay the entire fee up front. They give the smuggler a partial payment and then work off the debt over time. 
Great Program Ellen!
"Casa of Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe housing for victim survivors of sex trafficking. Our safe house provides daily program schedules that are created to instill and increase Godly living. We believe in transitioning victim survivors into OVERCOMERS in the name of JESUS Christ of Nazareth!"
This week's winners:
Kate Ferguson & Jim Small

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