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May 23, 2024
Club Assembly: Proposed By-Laws
May 30, 2024
Jun 06, 2024
Jun 13, 2024
Human Trafficking
Jun 20, 2024
Planes of Fame (POF) Museum / Craft Talk
Jun 23, 2024
Tanya's Step Down (SAVE THE DATE)
Jun 27, 2024
Veteran's Stand Down
Jul 04, 2024
Jul 11, 2024
Prior year project recap
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 May 9, 2024
President Tanya Astrosky
Flag Salute: Michelle Jensen
Invocation: Terry Dworaczyk
Visiting Rotarians: Wayne Miller and Jean-luc Garon
Guests: Grace Pulack, Shayna Levy, Maria Fabula and Brooke Bradley
Speakers: Mike Gibson and Tanya Astrosky
Last chance to sign up for an upcoming Rotating Dinner (host or participant). If interested, e-mail Pat McDermott and he will add you to the list. Do this ASAP or you will be out of luck!
Sad Notice: Our valued armed services member Sean Kelly will be leaving us to move to Wisconsin. We all wish you the best as you begin a new life adventure!
Jean-luc and Tanya Garon reception:
When: Saturday May 11
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Where: 944 Amberly Place
(The Bachman Residence)
Everyone is welcome!
The Step Down celebration for President Tanya is scheduled for
June 23.
Stay tuned..more to follow!
Special Notice...
The Non-Eater charge is now $10, which includes Coffee, Tea
and Oatmeal
Barn Party Move-In
This Friday (5/10) at 5:30 PM will begin the task of bringing over all materials from our storage shed and transporting them to the Fairgrounds for assembly. All helpers are appreciated. Contact Leonard Champion if you need directions.
Boys and Girls Club
Back A Youth Night
June 27
Ron Estabillo Club
4689 11th St.
Guadalupe, CA
Contact Roberto Rodriguez for more details and to sign up
Mark Jackson: sent a picture from Zaragoza (he's traveling) with his rubber duckie which resulted in a free brag. :)
Terri Stricklin: bragged on "The Hitching Post" being named "Best Restaurant" in the Santa Maria Times Reader's Poll. $100
David Leroy: for Toyota of Santa Maria being named the best new and used car dealership in the S.M. Times poll. $100
Ron Levy: bragged on his travels to Budapest and Vienna (where they attended a Rotary Club meeting). $100
Suzanne Levy: bragged on her trips as well, especially Vienna where they met up with their daughter who lives there. She also celebrated her birthday today. $100
Kevin Walthers: bragged on his wife's "Cinco de Shannon" birthday celebration at the Hitching Post. Everything went well and Shannon had a great time. $50
Tanya Astrosky: bragged on the recent successful VTC Kentucky Derby fundraiser which she helped organize. $25
Tim Seifert: bragged on his daughter's bridal shower (Rae & Brian) that she had at Tim & Shannon's home. Everything went well and all had a good time. $50
9 Days Until...
Barn Party 2024
Leonard Champion, Chair
We absolutely need all tickets to be given out or sold as quickly as possible!!! In addition, if you haven't donated your auction item(s), we need those also. The event is only 9 days away! The time for procrastination is over. Contact Kate Ferguson or Frank Ortiz if you need guidance. Thank you in advance for your much needed help.
Spinning Wheel Awards
For those of us that have completed all necessary Barn Party requirements, a prize spinning wheel was spun to award four prizes to eligible members. The winners were Mark Clarke, Suzanne Levy, Jim Bray and Ed Carcarey
Wayne Miller: $30.00 for speaking during the ongoing meeting (shame on you :)
Jim Peterson and Mike Moats: for pointing to a Rotary Meeting sign instead proving that they actually attended a meeting. No makeup and $30 each was assessed.
Tim Staffel: for picking the wrong horse at the VTC Kentucky Derby fundraiser. $30
Ron Levy: $30 for apparently having no human friends abroad (according to the pictures he submitted) $30
Andy Caldwell: for not bragging on his birthday. $30
Jason Francia: $30 for being scheduled to speak this morning and not showing up.
Anthony Ojeda
Dale Johnson
Wayne Miller
Jean-luc Garon
Sean Kelly
Craft Talks
Mike Gibson
This morning Mike spoke to us about his life's travels and how he wound up in Santa Maria. He grew up in Van Nuys and eventually got a job at First Interstate Bank where he worked for 12 years. It is there that he met his wife Marla. They were married and moved here in 1988. He then worked for Mid State Bank as a controller. He and Marla have three children and seven grandchildren (6 live in Santa Maria). After leaving Mid State, Mike worked for a law firm until he eventually retired. His most memorable Rotary moments are serving as President during the 1996-97 term and he also was proud to help the Nipomo Rotary Club get up and running.
Tanya Astrosky
Since Jason Francia was missing this morning (see fines), Tanya jumped in and gave a "super fast" verbal autobiography of her life thus far. She was born in Arizona and soon after the family moved to Arkansas. She went to college in Illinois where she majored in Political Science. She met her husband Scott while serving in the military. They married and were stationed in the Azore Islands where their son was born. About this time my pen ran out of ink and I tried to remember everything (to no avail). Let's just suffice it to say that Tanya has done a ton of things during the course of her life and she is now proud to call the Vocational Training Center as her permanent work home where she serves as the Chief Operating Officer. She currently serves as our club President and we are very proud of her.
They both were very good speakers and it was nice getting to know them a little bit better. Thank you!
Berto Rodriguez
Tim Staffel

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