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Food Share Because We Care Prep Day
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MEETING DATE:  November 12, 2020

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge of Allegiance

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Holly Edds (Orcutt Superintendent of Schools.......Thanks Lee!)
Lee Carroll: Gathering Thanksgiving Turkeys & Christmas Hams for the Orcutt Food Pantry.
Christmas Canned Food Make Up Donations: Mike Gibson is still looking for more members that would like to donate money for this very worthy cause. So far, 32 members have stepped up and with Vivid Financial's donation of $1.000 (Thanks Angie!) the grand total so far is $1,785. Please e-mail Mike if you would like to add your name to the list.
Santa Maria Elks "Christmas in the Country": A "drive thru" holiday extravaganza is being prepared for all to see at the Unocal Event Center. The fun will begin on Friday November 27 and continue every evening (Wednesday-Sunday) until the end of December. Car load tickets will be available for purchase in the very near future.
Each year, Shannon Elliott works with CALM therapists to identify those clients who could really use some help with gifts from the community as they are not well off financially.  This year, because of Covid, CALM is pivoting to provide gift cards (such as to Target or Wall Mart or others) instead of physical gifts.  The hope is to reduce the risk of spread for everyone involved.
Below is information on the collection.  Give Shannon a call at 801-915-6887 if you have any questions and/or would like to participate.  Strictly optional.  It’s very nice knowing that your gift really does go to some needy families.
Kevin Walthers: Bragged on gardening at the Four Seasons and fined himself for not knowing he is only 54, not 55. <$1.00>
Tanya Astrosky: Bragged on her husband of 22 years who has retired as Master Sargent in the Air Force. $22
Tony Spinelli: Bragged on his daughter turning 21 and also bragged on his new truck to pull his new 5th wheel. $100
Kate Ferguson: Bragged that the Santa Maria Swim Club is back in competition and sending 5 kids to the U.S. Nationals. $50
Kate also added to Tanya's brag and in recognition of the fact that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. $22
Leonard Champion: Bragged on VTC (and Tanya) for delivering hand written thank you cards to the fire fighters. $40
Tim Seifert: Paid Leonard Champions "self fine" for not attending the Rotary meeting when Pat McDermott talked about the fire in his building. $30
President Ryan: Fined Kevin Walthers for forgetting how old he is. $30
I have no idea why I included these pictures.
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Frank Culley

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