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MEETING DATE: January 13, 2022

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Rande Downer and Joe Dana
Suzanne Levy: Suzanne told us about a Library in Guatemala that she and other Rotarians are raising money to help support. A custom quilt fundraiser has been organized. More information to follow.
Shoes For Students Poker Tournament Fundraiser: Saturday March 12, 2022 / 1:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased from Kate Ferguson or Terri Stricklin.
New Member Installation: Past member Rande Downer rejoined our club this morning after a 20 year absence. Welcome Rande! We're so glad to have you back.
Rotary Minute: This morning Dr. Michael Moats spoke to the membership about his feelings for Rotary. His fondest memories involve the many times that he has spent with other Rotarians having fun in social settings. He has also enjoyed meeting new people which has helped his professional career as well as his personal life. Overall, he is very proud to be a Breakfast Rotarian.
Thank you Berniece & Elenasmiley: This morning President James gave our Santa Maria Inn serving crew gift cards for the hard work they have done for us this past year.
 Craig Bernard: bragged on Bob Friedlein (for his visit), Rande Downer (for rejoining the club) and Tim Seifert (for "once upon a time" being tazed). $10
Rande Downer: bragged on his 13 year old granddaughter's birthday. $13
Mike Gibson: bragged on his broken name tag that apparently Mark Clarke broke? $30
Terry Dworaczyk: bragged on his recent Texas and Tennessee trip. He and his wife had a great time! $100
Leonard Champion: bragged $100 on his wife's recent birthday.
Frank Ortiz: bragged on Mike Moats Rotary minute, although he forgot to mention Franks wife Scottie in his many stories. $25
Angie Gumabon: was happy about her 36th birthday and the Yosemite trip that she will be going on. She also announced that her company was recently purchased by a big corporation (WEG). She is very excited about the upcoming changes. $100
Rande Downer: he left his new member info folder at the podium. $30
Leonard Champion: forgot to mention wife's birthday (hmm...but he didn't?). Anyway, $30
Mark Bachman: No brag on the Raiders $30
Lee Carroll: for a dumb "time out" call by the Chargers. $30 
Joe Dana
Joe spoke to our club about his Great, Great, Grandfather William Goodwin Dana (born 1797) and his travel adventures that ultimately led him to Nipomo and the existence of the Dana Adobe Cultural Center. Joe had an informative Powerpoint presentation that took us step by step through his illustrious life. After the presentation Joe answered questions from the audience.
This week's winners:
Kate Ferguson & Bob Friedlein

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