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MEETING DATE:  August 6, 2020

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge Salute

USS Indianapolis (1945): In honor of the 75th anniversary of the USS Indianapolis, Frank Ortiz has posted a link on our Rotary Club website that relates the story of the naval ship and the brave men that served on it during WWII. In 2004, survivor Ed Brown attended our club meeting and told the harrowing story of what went on during the attack and how he made it through the grueling ordeal. The website program takes roughly an hour to watch, but it's well worth the time invested. Big thanks go to Jim Foxen for helping to put this all together with Frank
Downtown Fridays: will definitely resume, it will just be.....virtual?  I understand the entertainment segment, but how are we supposed to eat the delicious food virtually? Oh well, lets give it a try and see how things go.
VTC Fundraising Car Drawing: Tickets are still being sold for the chance to win this beautiful vehicle. Only 700 tickets will be sold. This is another great fundraiser. If you're interested in purchasing a ticket, Tanya Astrosky is the one you need to talk to. Hurry before tickets run out!
Covid-19 Updates: President Ryan gave us the most current updates regarding our city and county. Unfortunately things are not changing for the better as of yet. All we can do is keep doing our part to help things move along in a positive direction (mask, social distancing, gloves (if necessary). Please be safe out there my friends.indecision The good news is that although "Cases" are up the death numbers are coming down.
VTC Rodeo Queen: The rodeo may be cancelled but the Queen contest is going forward.
VTC Henry M. Grennan Memorial Golf Tournament: Friday August 21st.
Mike Gibson: Floated the idea of holding our meetings at Rotary Park but mentioned that there would also be the Zoom option available for those that preferred zooming. What really interested me is that Martin Testa will have Breakfast Burritos available. (Served in a paper sack with your name on it to include napkins, utensil, fruit) (eggs, cheese, potatoes & mild salsa with an option to add bacon and/or sausage) Coffee will also be available.
August 20th would be the first "Hybrid" meeting.
Doesn't get any better than that.
Great job Mike.
All on the Zoom call agreed that this was a great idea.
 Leonard Champion: Celebrating their 24th anniversary on July 20th. $48
Doug Palmer: Someone saw him in his biking outfit. $30
Club Assembly Part 1: Frank Ortiz conducted a review our club Constitution and By Laws and the changes and modifications that were recently made. He asked for a vote to ratify the additions and modifications. Everyone unanimously voted  to approve. Frank also talked about the elements of an effective club and the things an effective club can do.
Club Assembly Part 2: There was a discussion on using Zoom for our meetings and the costs associated with that.  Leonard bragged on being a member of this club and on the great club members that are so involved in the community. (Some thought this sounded like a brag) Mike Gibson mentioned that he saw a Santa Maria fire truck broken down in the desert and he called Leonard to report it. Leonard called the driver who was flabbergasted about how Leonard found out so soon. Apparently a radiator hose had broken. (They were on the way to help another fire department fight a fire) There was a discussion about the Christmas Parade of Lights and how it would most likely be cancelled.
Great Club Assembly Frank Ortiz.
Next Weeks Program
Marc Schneider, (center) Santa Maria Police Department Commander, will be giving us a presentation about "Policing in Today's Society".

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