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Jun 17, 2021
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MEETING DATE: June 3, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Past President Lee Carroll
FLAG SALUTE: Marc Schneider

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Julianne Moreno, Katelyn Salazar, Aaron Salazar
Ryan Swack: First and foremost, our current President and dear friend Ryan, successfully went through a very complicated heart surgery procedure. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as he works towards total recovery.
Ryan Swack's Step Down Party: Mark your calendars for August 14th at the Testa residence from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The cost is $65 per person. A signup clipboard will be circulated.
Santa Maria Police Golf Tournament. August 13, 2021.
Kate Ferguson: Was very proud of her grandson who is up for athlete of the week.  $25
Doug Palmer: Bragged on Mike Gibson, Mark Jackson & Dr. Moates for hiking from Sisquoc to Albertsons in Orcutt but left a perfectly good car in Sisquoc, unattented. $50
Jim Ventriglia: Bragged on Roxanne and his 50th wedding anniversary this next Sunday. $50
Michelle Jensen: Bragged on David LeRoy and his staff for setting her up in her new grandma car. $50
Lee Carroll: Also bragged on David LeRoy who helped Lee's girlfriend's daughter get a car. $25
David LeRoy: Matched the brags of Jim, Michelle and Lee: $125
Patrice Mosby: Bragged on Laurie Tamura who was nominated as one out of ten women for being an entrepreneur in business. $50
Laurie Tamura: Joined with Patrice as Patrice was the person who nominated her. $50
Tim Seifert: Bragged on Pat McDermott for wearing one of Tim's favorite shirts. $25
Jerry Schmidt: Bragged on Tim for wearing pants to Rotary this morning. $25
Leonard Champion: Bragged on graduating 22 Cadets from the Hancock Fire Academy. $50
Mark Bachman, Andy Caldwell, Lee Carroll, Kate Ferguson, Pat McDermott, Shannon Seifert & Tim Seifert: All answered this question posed by Pat McDermott. "The reason I missed coming to Rotary meetings the most is". $25 each to the compassion fund
Lee Carroll: Fined everyone who was sitting to the right of  the person at the table who had a blue napkin.
(Andy Caldwell, Kate Ferguson, Mark Jackson, Doug Palmer, Shannon Seifert, Tim Seifert and Jason Stilwell) $30 each
Lee Carroll: Also fined several people who are low on fines for the year and couldn't answer a question correctly. (Tanya Astrosky, Jerry Schmidt and Jim Small) $30 each
About Time Duo
Katelyn & Aaron Salazar at The Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast
About Time performed for the Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast Thursday, June 3, 2021.
  About Time is husband and wife, Katelyn and Aaron Salazar. Their sound is the marriage of Katelyn’s pure, soulful, power-house voice, and Aaron’s raw, gritty guitar. About Time describes their music as “Cosmic California Rock.”
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