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MEETING DATE:  November 5, 2020

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge of Allegiance

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Holly Edds (Orcutt Superintendent of Schools.......Thanks Lee!)
Christmas Canned Food Make Up Donations: Mike Gibson is still looking for more members that would like to donate money for this very worthy cause. So far, 32 members have stepped up and with Vivid Financial's donation of $1.000 (Thanks Angie!) the grand total so far is $1,785. Please e-mail Mike if you would like to add your name to the list.
Sips & Sombreros Virtual Auction: The big day is November 7. Sponsored by the Noontime Rotary Club and benefitting five worthy local charities (SMV YMCA as an example). Contact them to register for the auction.
Paul Harris Awards: Frank Ortiz awarded updated Paul Harris pins to Pat McDermott, Mark Jackson, Kevin Walthers and Peter Sterling.
Santa Maria Elks "Christmas in the Country": A "drive thru" holiday extravaganza is being prepared for all to see at the Unocal Event Center. The fun will begin on Friday November 27 and continue every evening (Wednesday-Sunday) until the end of December. Car load tickets will be available for purchase in the very near future.
Michelle Newman Grandbaby Update: Michelle brought everyone up to date on how her Granddaughter is doing. It's been a tough 7 weeks but she seems to be improving each and every day. She thanked everyone for their love and support and will continue to keep us posted.
Jim Bray: bragged on his son Tyler's recent promotion to Infantry Company Commander (National Guard). $25
Jim Ventriglia: bragged $50 on David Leroy who recently bought new home shutters from him.
David Leroy: also bragged $50 on Jimmy V who stepped up and did a great job for him. He also bragged an additional $50 on the Pinktober pumpkin promotion and Kate Ferguson who filled her Highlander with a few. All in all, Mission Hope received $10,000 from the promotion.
Wendy Foxen: bragged $60 on her husband Jim's recent 60th birthday (10/24).
Lee Carrol: was happy to announce that Kate Ferguson donated a used bike of hers to a very worthy cause and Martin Testa who offered to help out as well. $25
Mike Gibson: kudos go to Frank & Scottie Ortiz for organizing the "Drive thru Boo" section for our club. Mark Jackson, Kate & Homer and Angie also played big roles in the success of the event. $20
Pat McDermott: his office building would have been severely damaged if it weren't for the swift work of the local fire department (which included 4 engines, 3 sheriffs and a hook and ladder). Hat's off to Leonard Champion's chosen profession! $100
Michelle Jensen: was glad that her Interact Club helped with the "Drive Thru Boo" event. $25
Kate Ferguson: bragged on husband Homer who braved traffic and brought back pizzas for the "Drive Thru Boo" event. $20
Kevin Walthers: turned 55 on Monday ($55), celebrated an 11th wedding anniversary ($11) and had a successful 'drive thru" event at the AHC campus ($25). All that equaled $91, but he rounded up to an even $100smiley
Jason Stillwell: bragged $15 on Kevin's math.
Andy Caldwell: the following members bragged $50 each on Andy for running a great campaign and working extremely hard the whole time through. Mark Clarke, Shannon Seifert, David Leroy, Kate Ferguson, Tim Seifert, Mike Gibson, Lee Carrol ($5 surprise) and Frank Ortiz ($100 laugh)
 Take my word for it. Many, many, fines were handed out this morning by President Ryan. This was his way of playing "catch up". The fine criteria was missing two or more meetings in October and the amount was $30 each. So keep an eye out on your monthly bill to see if you were tagged by this fine.
Laurie Tamura: fined herself $30 for taking food to Teresa's daughter Courtney an hour earlier because of the time change on Sunday
Kevin Walthers: fined himself $30 because he forgot totally about Courtney, but he scrambled around quickly and everything came out ok.
Ed Carcarey: apparently his 97.1 radio station is already playing holiday music. I believe he said that it's "marketing strategy". Anyway, President Ryan thinks it's a $30 fine anyway.
Frank spoke to us this morning about the Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. It is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share it's vision of a better world. A main goal of the Foundation is the total eradication of polio through the "End Polio Now" project. Our club has been an active member of the Foundation since we began 36 years ago. If you would like more information or would like to sign up for more contributions, please contact Frank at your earliest convenience.
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