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MEETING DATE: May 27, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Past President Kevin Walthers
FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Bob Nelson (Program Speaker)
Ryan Swack: First and foremost, our current President and dear friend Ryan, successfully went through a very complicated heart surgery procedure. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as he works towards total recovery.
AHC Fundraising Total: Mike Gibson announced that the college broke through the $100,000 financial goal that was set before fundraising began. The centennial celebration was a total success and everyone's help was greatly appreciated.
Rotary Party: Mark your calendars for June 19 when our club will hold a party at the Testa residence from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The cost is $65 per person. A signup clipboard will be circulated at next week's "LIVE" meeting at the Santa Maria Inn
Venn Diagrams: Apparently Dr. Kevin had quite a bit of spare time on his hands as he "schooled" the membership in a wide variety of Venn Diagrams (what???....that's what I said). Anyway, they were all funny and were a nice addition to the meeting.
Kevin Walthers: bragged a whopping big $500 for a great AHC Centennial Celebration that exceeded everyone's expectations.
Jim Bray: bragged on his dear friend Jim Kunkle Sr. who was a P-38 pilot and a decorated war veteran. The 98 year old unfortunately passed away recently and Mr. Bray wanted him to be fondly remembered and not forgotten; $50
Mark Clarke: Mark recently won a prize from the OCAF drawing. He also is celebrating a birthday this Sunday. $70
Shannon Seifert: Was very happy to be included in the distinguished alumni category at AHC. She also thanked assorted Rotarians and her husband Tim. $80
Kate Ferguson: was very proud of her grandson that did an outstanding job at a recent swim meet, In fact, he even set a new school record in one particular event. Next stop, CIF.  $25
Laurie Tamura: also won an OCAF drawing prize. She just wants to know when Kay's Country Kitchen is going to open againfrown. Anybody have an answer?...$25
Mark Jackson: another war veteran Arnold McClain, also passed away recently. This gentleman was 100 years old and Mark bragged $100 accordingly.
Tanya Astrosky: bragged on her husband (head volleyball coach at St. Joes) and her son (varsity basketball referee). She's very proud of both of them. $25

 Practically every member possible was fined $30 each. This was due to.........I forget. Anyway, I'm sure it was justifiedwink
Bob Nelson
   Santa Barbara County 4th District Supervisor Bob Nelson was our featured speaker this morning. Mr. Nelson gave our group an update as to the state of the County and what projects are currently being discussed. In the five months that he's been an active member of the Board, he told us that the main priorities at this point are currently Covid-19, Cannabis and Equity. After a lengthy talk, he took questions from the audience afterwards
Let us not forget.....

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