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MEETING DATE: November 18, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Marc Schneider

A Secret Garden: Betty Miller is organizing a Rotary visit to PCPA to see A Secret Garden. The allotted seating is full, but if you still want to attend, see Betty. No guarantees, but she might be able to squeeze you in.
Mark Your Calendar! Our Family Christmas Party will be held on Thursday December 23 at 7:00 AM at the SM Country Club. Note: Each member will be responsible to buy and wrap a gift for the children they invite. I'm sure that a clipboard will be circulating in the coming weeks.
Lee Carroll: Announced that we raised $4,450.00  on the Turkey Drive fund raiser. One half will be spent for Thanksgiving and the other half for Christmas.
Lee also got Kate a present because she had a recent "minor" surgery. (No Picture) "The Witch is Back".
Costa De Oro Winery Animal Fundraiser. Enjoy world class wines, vinyl records and tacos to help raise funds for local animals. 1:00 to 4:00 PM Saturday November 20. Proceeds go to "Animals in Need".
Boys and Girls Club Holiday Party
Mike Gibson: Announced the Calm Holiday Giving Program. 
Mike also announced the Toys for the Probation department. (No Slide)
Mike also talked about a work party for Christmas in The Country. The work
party is Saturday 11/27/2021 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (No Slide)
Laurie Tamura: Announced a Chamber program called Junior Exec's that
will be having booths at the Town Center Mall.
Today's Rotary Minute: Today's Rotary Minute was presented by Jerry Walsh. Jerry, who was a young man when he joined this club, is one of the founding members still in the club along with Dave Wright and Pat McDermott. Jerry said that one of the big things he likes about this club is the great friendships. Jerry gave a great talk, short, sweet and to the point.
Ryan Swack: Bragged on his son Jackson who has a booth at the Town Center Mall where he is learning about business and entrepreneurship. $30
Kevin Walthers: Bragged on a trip to Texas where he sampled some of the best BBQ in the country. $57
Michelle Jensen: Bragged on Larry who is about to be a grandfather and on a business conference she was able to attend. $50
Jim Peterson: Bragged on visiting with his daughters & grandkids & then on a trip to Sedona and to The Grand Canyon. $50 
Jim also put $100 to the Compassion fund in Kelly Bernard's honor.
Shannon Seifert: Bragged on Terry and another Hitching Post fabulous BBQ. $100
Peter Sterling: Bragged on his son who is in his last year of Chiropractic (Palmer) college. $50
Glenn Morris: Fined for correcting the President. $30
Mike Gibson: Fined for having no slides for the Probation Toy Drive or the Christmas in the Country work party. $30
Today's program was presented by Mr. David Lohman
David is by occupation a Chiropractor and owns Straight Back Chiropractic. 
David talked to us about communications which is our most valuable asset.
Toastmasters is an organization that works with it members to get rid of bad habits like saying ums & ahs.
We all have a need to communicate with others, sometimes one on one and occasionally with a group. It is the group that probably causes the nervousness, ums & ahs. Toastmasters can help correct these bad habits.
Toastmasters is in 143 different countries.
Great job David.
 The Raffle Winners Are
Kevin Walthers & Lee Carroll

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