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MEETING DATE: May 16, 2019
Club President:  Michael Buhring
FLAG SALUTE: Leonard Champion

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Michelle Buhring, Etta Waterfield and Scott Royer
Paws & Claws Fundraiser: Saturday May 18, 2019. Carol Bradfield has a full table signed up already, but if you would like to attend, please give her a call for more information.
Rotary Step Down Party: This years step down party will be held at Martin & Debi's home on Saturday June 15, 2019 @ 4:00 PM. Great food, drinks and dancing will be included. This will surely be a "can't miss" event. The RSVP clipboard is now making the rounds. *Please remember that you will be charged your appropriate amount whether you go or not. So if I were you, I would plan on coming and joining in on the fun.
Fire on the Fairways golf Tournament: Monday May 20, 2019. Leonard Champion has more information if you are interested in playing.
Santa Maria Police Council: Golf Tournament/Comedy Show: Etta Waterfield attended as a guest to announce the upcoming golf/comedy fundraiser on Monday June 10th at the SMCC. Contact Jerry Schmidt if you're interested in participating.
CASA Advocate Training: The five week training process begins on Monday July 8. Frank Ortiz has all the details if you would like to enroll in this worthy program.
8th Grade Interviews: Rotarians are needed to help do mock interviews with graduating 8th grade students from the Orcutt School District. The days scheduled are May 23, 24, 29 & 30 (times vary). A sign up sheet is currently going around. Debbie Blow has all the details if you should have any questions.
Golden Circle of Champions: Saturday June 1 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Breakfast Rotarians are needed to help deal Craps and Blackjack at the Elks fundraiser. Pat McDermott is our club contact (if you think that you can help out). Pat guarantees that it's an extremely fun event, so if you have no plans on that day, you may want to give it a try.
Ryan Swack (Rotarian of the Month): and also future club President (2020 -21), bragged on the entire club for the great job that was done with our annual Barn Party Luau this past Saturday (5/11). Everything seemed to go very smoothly and he was proud of all of us.
Carol Bradfield: bragged on her son who was recently promoted to a Major. She and Clay were there to witness the ceremony. She also bragged on her recent birthday and her upcoming retirement date. As a whole, she gladly pledged $100 towards our bragging fund.
Jean-luc Garon: had a double nickel birthday recently. 55 is his age and also his brag amount :)
Terri Stricklin: recently returned from a cruise where unfortunately she got very sick but was extremely impressed with the medical facilities on the ship. $100
Wendy Foxen: celebrated her 34th wedding anniversary with all of us at the Luau (5/11).  $34
Laurie Tamura: bragged on her recent trip to Branson, Missouri where she and her husband took in the sights and played a few rounds of golf while she was there. $50
Kate Ferguson: was very proud of here two "wenches" (Michelle & Julie) as they did an outstanding job working the treasure chest at the Luau. $50
Tony Spinelli: bragged on the entire club for working their "tail ends" off. He also was very proud of all the high school kids that helped during the event $50
Teresa Reyburn: had a fantastic vacation in Maui where she actually swam in the ocean for the first time. She made it back for the Luau and had a great time there as well. $75
Jason Francia: bragged on the membership for providing food to he and his wife after they returned from the hospital when the baby was born. He also thanked everyone for the generous donation to his son's college fund. The baby is now 26 days old, so he bragged $26 (using that formula, can't wait for his one year birthdaylaugh).
Rich Watson: Rich's dad and brother (Bakersfield Rotarians) attended our Luau and were thoroughly impressed with the entire event. Oh, and Rich also bought a trip to France at the auction (maybe he can talk Jean-luc into joining them as a guide?) $50
Mark Jackson: was very impressed with how the club stepped up with such a short decorating window to work with. It made him very proud to be a Breakfast Rotarian. $60
Tim Seifert: bragged on all the food makers during the Luau. Everything went absolutely great! $50
Dale Johnson: Thanked Tim Seifert for the loan of his trailer. He also had a recent birthday and his son is currently performing folk music with his girlfriend in Germany (I think that's what I heard). In reference to his birthday, he bragged $66.
Mike Gibson: was also extremely impressed with the club and all the hard work that everyone put in. He also took a moment to tell a cute story that involved the family, Mothers Day, dogs, 911 (the phone #) and a very funny ending. (let's just had to be therewink) $27
 Yes, no fines again this weekfrown
President Mike's Philanthropy
This being Mike Buhring's last presiding meeting, Mike decided to take his Presidential discretionary donation fund and contribute amounts to certain members favorite charities. The members mentioned greatly helped Mr. Buhring throughout the course of his presidency.
1. First and foremost Mike would like to thank his wife Michelle for all the time and effort she put in to help him be the best president possible. She is the true love of his life and he is very thankful to have her by his side.
2. Operation Surf (Ted Ortega): $500
3. CASA (Frank Ortiz): $500
4. Shoes For Students (Kate Ferguson): $500
5. Rotary International - Guatemala Project (Mark Jackson): $500
6. Rotary Interact Club (Michelle Jensen): $500
7. SMV YMCA - Rise Up Program (Shannon Seifert): $500
8. Discovery Museum (Dave Wright): $500
9. Rotary Scholarship Program (Mike Gibson): $500
10. Boy Scouts of America (Laurie Tamura): $500
11. Orcutt Children's Arts Foundation (Debbie Blow & Randy Wise): $500
12. Orcutt Presbyterian Food Pantry (Lee Carroll): $500
Something to Ponder
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