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May 12, 2018
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Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
MEETING DATE:  February 8, 2018
Call to Order:  Acting/Past President Mike Gibson
Flag Salute:    David Leroy
Invocation:     Ed Carcarey
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Santa Maria Fire Dept: Firefighters - Morales, Younger, McIntosh, McCloud, Clayburgh, Hamiker & Lamonica
1) Ed & Pat: The Eagles won and the Patriots lost (oh well). Ed thought that Pat would be consoled in his grief with a custom made Philadelphia Eagles cake. Judging by the look of excitement in McDermott's face, I don't think that's quite going to happen. Cheer up Pat, there's always next year.
2) Super Bowl Pool Winners: Congrats go to Tom Apkarian, Ted Ortega, Laurie Tamura & Mark Clarke who managed to hit a big payday (minus the usual Rotary surcharge/gift tax of course).
3) Special Olympics Dinner: Teresa Reyburn thanked all of the Breakfast Rotarians that attended the Special Olympics fundraising dinner on February 3rd. It was a huge success and she was very happy with the club's strong show of support.
4) OCAF Fundraiser: Pat McDermott reminded everyone about the upcoming fundraiser being held on February 24 at the Country Club. See Pat for more details and ticket info
5. Elks Beard-A-Reno Contest: Randy Wise spoke about the current Beard-A-Reno contest that began on Feb 5 and continues on through May 19. So far the club has three participants with Wise, Ken Bradley and Mike Buhring. Working on getting two more so that we can have a Breakfast Rotary table of 10 at the awards dinner in May.
5) Barn Party: President-elect Mike Buhring brought the club up to date on changes that will occur in the upcoming barn party. The changes should make for an improved event that will continue to be our most successful fundraiser of the year.
6) Rotating Dinners: Kate Ferguson is in charge of the club's Rotating dinner program. She is currently working on getting everything organized. Make sure that you check your e-mail for more details.
Jason Stillwell: bragged on the 50th year of Rotaract $50
Kevin Walthers: Kevin was very happy to announce that his son Trey will be going to Orcutt Academy starting in the fall of 2018. $50
Rich Watson: Rich and his wife drove their son's 1996 car up to Seattle to give to him. They made it in one piece and thoroughly enjoyed the deluxe AM/FM radio entertainment that the vehicle provided. He also thanked Jake Bradfield (Carol & Clay's son) for taking time out to speak to their son about possible military service. $50
Mark Bachman: Mark came back from a recent trip to Oakland and today (2/8) was actually his birthday. Happy Birthday Mark!! $100
Teresa Reyburn: bragged on the Rotarians that helped her with the Special Olympics fundraising dinner. $50 She also added an additional $25 for Mark Jackson's Mad Hatter decorations.
Shannon Seifert: bragged on Mike Cardona, Mike Moats, Mike Buhring and Roberto Rodriguez for developing such fine "ball tossing" skills. Hmmm.....We're going to have to take her word for it, because we actually didn't see any of those skills displayed this morning. wink $50
Frank Ortiz: bragged on Mike Buhring for going to PETS sometime in the near future. He and Scottie also returned from a recent trip to Hawaii where they had a fantastic time. $60
Jim Small: He and his wife recently celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary you two....and wishing you many more to come!! $50
Carol Bradfield: bragged on Rich Watson's son for being the fine young man that he is. Carol's husband Clay also spoke to him as well. $25
Dan Blough: bragged on his dog's successful surgery. It was a little "touch and go" with the neck cone and dog pants but it looks like he is now finally on the mend. $50
Jim Peterson: bragged on the Cardona's for having him and Arlene over for the Super Bowl last Sunday. Don't know who they were for, but it seems like they had an overall great time. $35
Shannon Seifert & Mike Cardona: forgot their silent auction items at the Special Olympics dinner. With Gibson at the helm, that's a costly mistake. $20 each
Frank Ortiz: not here last week? We call that "deprivation of companionship" $15
Karin Mase: Experienced a "Day of Hope" quiz (which I thought she passed). She was fined $30 anyway
Terri Strickland: bought a new car with no mention made at Rotary. That will cost her $15
Mark Bachman & David Leroy: experienced "collateral damage" from the Strickland fine. The exact fine is called a "No sale, Rotary failure tax" as a result of not stocking orange colored vehicles on their lots. $20 each
Shannon Seifert: was fined again because she failed to mention that she has been CEO of the SMV YMCA for 10 years. Congratulations Shannon but thanks for the additional $10
Tony Spinelli & Laurie Tamura: signed up but didn't show at the Special Olympics dinner. I'm sure that they had a good excuse, but that will still cost both of them $30 each.
Terry Dworaczyk: apparently Terry is responsible for the stock market and it's recent performance (who knew?). All is well though because Terry says that it will go up 28 points next week (start investing people!). $28
Montecito Mudslide
This morning's program was presented by six members of the Santa Maria Fire Department. They recently returned from the Montecito area where they helped with the search and rescue of the Montecito Mudslide. They showed the members a Powerpoint presentation which gave them a glimpse of the devastation that occurred. The fire team members were deployed the day before the storm just to be on hand in case something did develop with the upcoming storm. They felt that this was just a precautionary measure and no one really thought that anything major would occur. That evening when the storm arrived, things took a severe turn for the worse. The mudslide that happened once the rain came down in full force resulted in the beautiful area of Montecito being turned into a literal "Moonscape" with homes, property and most importantly...lives being lost or damaged by the unspeakable force of nature. The program was extremely interesting and SM Breakfast Rotary thanks the presenters for taking valuable time out to share their story with the members.
50/50 Winners
Mark Clarke & Tim Seifert
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