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MEETING DATE: March 4, 2021

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge of Allegiance
INVOCATION: Peter Kang & Son (Simon)
VISITING (HONORARY) ROTARIANS: Ken Beurmann (Downtown Bakersfield)

Mark Jackson: The recent new flooring project that Mark Jackson took on must have had a little dark cloud hanging over it. Not only did he have trouble transporting the flooring materials to his home (see last week's Bullaton), but during the install he almost cut his finger completely off. Not goodsurprise. It might be time to get that reliable handyman's phone number added to your contact list. We wish you well Mark and hope that you have a very speedy recovery!
Shannon Seifert: bragged $45 on fellow Rotarian Roberto Rodriguez for organizing an Orcutt Bike Club. Currently there are 66 kids enrolled for that age division and 100 kids in total.
Roberto Rodriguez: was very happy and proud that Shannon took the time and expense to brag and he also thanked Mike Gibson for helping the B&G Club pick a "Youth of the Year" winner. He gladly contributed $25 to the bragging coffers.
Mike Gibson: bragged $25 on his wife's birthday. Happy Birthday Marla!!
Frank Ortiz: and his lovely wife Scottie, will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary next week. Congratulations, and we wish you both many, many more to come. $30

 No Fines Today
 Ken Beurmann
 Mr. Ken Beurmann from the Rotary Club in Downtown Bakersfield was our program speaker this morning. Ken spoke about the value of attracting Millennials and signing them up for Rotary memberships. Since Ken is part of this demographic group himself, he explained that the process should be broken down into five categories. These include Complete Transparency, Open Door Policy, Have a Shared Vision, Engagement and Embrace Change. Ken's speech was very fast paced and informative. He gave our club a lot to think about. As usual, questions were asked and answered afterwards. 
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