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MEETING DATE: December 16, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Jason Francia

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Amy Curti and the St. Joseph High School Theatre Group.
Reminder! Our Family Christmas Party will be held next week on Thursday December 23 at 7:00 AM at the SM Country Club. Note: Each member will be responsible to buy and wrap a gift for the children they invite. If you have not yet given your gift to Wendy Foxen for safe keeping, please drop it off at her bank office as soon as possible.
The Barn Party: May 14, 2022 It's been a long time but we are now getting organized.
Lee Carroll: Announced that Spencer's Market is once again helping with providing turkeys and hams to people in need. During Thanksgiving and now Christmas, a total of $4,475 has been raised by our club and applied towards this donation.
Dale Johnson: Announced that his daughter Tiffany met up with our club's second Rotary exchange student Marcus Granlund in Sweden (20 years later). Amazing how time flies.
The Weekly Rotary Minute:
Shannon Seifert
Shannon spoke about the many times that our members have banded together through good times and bad and helped support her and her family when the need arose. She is very glad that she's a member of our club and raised a toast to everyone involved.
 Kevin Walthers: bragged on Glenn Morris and Jim Bray for doing a fantastic job on the county redistricting committee. $100 for Glenn (working status) and $50 for Jim (retired status).
Matt Diel: bragged on his daughter for turning sweet 16 (a party this weekend) and kudos to St. Joseph Arts program. $48
Shannon Seifert: $20 & $25 on Jim and Glenn and $50 on the St. Joseph Arts program.
Jim Bray: bragged on fellow committee member Glenn Morris for his patience and leadership during the nine month process. $25
Laurie Tamura: bragged on Glenn and Jim for surviving their lengthy meetings that sometimes went as long as nine hours. $25
Andy Caldwell: $100 to Glenn and the committee and an additional $100 towards Kevin Walthers involvement in the process.
Frank Culley: Thanks for the meal train in advance. He will monetize the brag after completion. $?
Kate Ferguson: bragged on the membership for "stepping up to the plate" and volunteering 100% towards the Meal Train cause. She's very proud of the club. $50
Matt Diel: $30 for "jumping the gun" on a brag. President James wasn't ready yetwink
Leonard Champion: $30 for a racy holiday photo (from a few years ago) that was sent to to President Thomas recently.
Kate Ferguson: forgot to brag on her husband's birthday $30
Terri Stricklin: didn't brag on her husband's birthday either $30
Dale Johnson: forgot his hat at last week's meeting. That's a no-no. $30
Mark Clarke: didn't hear who won the weekly "opportunity drawing". Was fined by the President because he can't hearlaugh $30
Amy Curti and the St. Joseph High School Theatre Group
This morning our club was treated to musical performances from students who attend St. Joseph High School. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday they will be presenting "Under the Sea" in the school gymnasium which consist of songs from "The Little Mermaid". The students did a fantastic job and everyone in attendance was thoroughly impressed with their immense talent. If you have interest in attending, please call
(805) 937-2038 for ticket information.
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