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Barn Party & Auction
Santa Maria Fairpark
May 12, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
MEETING DATE:  February 22, 2018
Call to Order:  Past/Acting President Mike Gibson
Flag Salute:    Michelle Jensen
Invocation:     Jerry Schmidt
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Scottie Ortiz and Niung Chang
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Phil Brown, Willie Morris, Jim Thomas, Jeremy Deming, Yessica Sanchez, Jessica Byrne, Crystal Zamora and Scott Roya
*All photographs courtesy of Dan Blough
Pat McDermott spoke to the club about former club members Bob & Marcy Friedlein and the personal tragedy that their family is currently experiencing. He urged everyone to keep them in your prayers and maybe give them a call or send them an e-mail to show your love and support when you get the opportunity to do so.
1) OCAF Fundraiser: Saturday May 24 at the Santa Maria Country Club. There are quite a few seats still available. Contact Mike Gibson or Kevin Walthers for more details
2) Barn Party: Mike Buhring gave an update as to how everything is going so far. It looks like "all is good" right now. Things will definitely ramp up as the date gets nearer. Mark your calendars for Saturday May 12.
3) Rotating Dinners: are being organized by Kate Ferguson. More details will follow in the coming weeks.
4) Santa Maria Firefighters Golf Tournament: Monday May 21 at the SMCC. If interested in participating, contact Leonard Champion for more information
5) "Glamping Trip": Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton. May 18 - 20. If interested, Dan Blough has all the info.
6) Check Presentations: A check to the Rotary Foundation ($500) and a check for Niung Chang ($525) to participate in an upcoming Rotary foreign exchange student trip were presented to Pat McDermott and Niung Chang (pictured below)
Youth of the Year: Crystal Zamora
Ms. Zamora currently reigns as the current Youth of the Year at our local SMV Boys and Girls Club. In the next few weeks she will be competing with other award recipients throughout the central coast to ultimately move on and possibly win the coveted prize of Youth of the Year on a national level. One component of the competition is giving a speech to a large group. This morning our Rotary Club was glad to lend a helping hand and let her practice on us. The result was that she did a fantastic job which resulted in a standing ovation from the membership after it was completed. Picture below are Jessica Byrne, Crystal Zamora and Rotary member Roberto Rodriguez.
Dan Blough: He and Peggy recently celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. Congratulations you two! $44
Jerry Schmidt: recently returned from a very exciting hunting trip in the mountains of New Mexico. The result was bagging an elusive Barbary Sheep that is most likely a once in a lifetime catch. A lot of hard work was involved but the final result was above expectations. $50
Laurie Tamura bragged on the success and longevity of her business, Urban Planning Concepts and remembering her mentor at the beginning of it all, Mr. Dennis Bethel. $100
Frank Ortiz: bragged on today's guest and former fire chief Mr. Jim Thomas (former chief's have to stick together) $20
Rich Watson: promoted the St. Judes Radiothon fundraiser currently airing on his radio stations and urged everyone to participate if possible. $50
Roberto Rodriguez: bragged $20 on all the the staff at the Boys and Girls Club. He's very proud of everyone.
Mike Moats: is headed to Arizona to experience some serious spring training baseball games. The first game involves the Dodgers and the White Sox. Have fun Mike! $50
Mike Gibson: bought a new Toyota truck from David Leroy and his staff. He and Marla are very happy with their new purchase and look forward to using it for many future camping trips. $50
David Leroy: matched Gibson's $50 and let's just say that he's happy that they're happy wink
Aera Energy
Today's program was presented by Mr. William Morris from Aera Energy corporation. Mr. Morris spoke to the membership about the possibility of once again drilling for oil at the East Cat Canyon location. The land is currently owned by Shell Oil and Exxon Mobil who are current partners in the project and together form the Aera Energy corporation. To obtain the the approval of the county, Aera must go through a lengthy process that involves numerous agencies throughout the central coast. If approved, the site will include 141 oil production wells that will use the steam injection process for safe and clean extracting. Once the project is fully operational, it is expected to generate more than 1.3 billion in total economic activity for the county. After speaking, Mr. Morris answered various questions from the audience.
Weekly 50/50 Winners
Jim Bray & Chris Hastert
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