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May 02, 2019
The Honda Disaster, “The Largest Naval Disaster During Peacetime in U.S. History.”
May 09, 2019
Barn Party (Meet at Fairpark)
May 16, 2019
It's a surprise
May 23, 2019
Woodstock 50 year anniversary
May 30, 2019
Mike Gibson
Jun 06, 2019
SB County Vision program / Past President Laurie Tamura will be "in charge".
Jun 13, 2019
County and City plans / Past President Tim Seifert will be "in charge".
Jun 20, 2019
Past President Shannon Seifert will be "in charge".
Past Speakers
Apr 25, 2019
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MEETING DATE: January 3, 2019
Club President:  Michael Buhring
FLAG SALUTE: Gary Nemetz
INVOCATION: Terry Dworaczyk

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Roy LaPlante "The Nostalgic Chimney Sweep"
Rotating Dinners: Kate Ferguson announced that the Spring Rotating Dinner schedule is currently being organized. More information will follow in the coming weeks.
Craft Talk: Attention "red badge" members. Please be prepared to give a quick (5 to 10 minute) craft talk (short biography) to our club within the next few weeks. This is a mandatory requirement before you can transition into your official "blue badge" status. We can hardly wait to get to know you betterlaugh
Guatemala Bound: Mark Jackson and fellow Rotarians will be heading out on January 15 to help build much needed buildings and assist in developing educational programs for the local residents. Mark will give us all a full report once he gets back.
Mike Gibson (Rotarian of the Month): Maximizing his free brags for the month by stating "I am now officially retired and yesterday was good"frown I'm sure that he will pick up his bragging speed in the coming weeks. Editors Note: Mike actually walked home from the S.M. Inn after the meeting this morning (what a stud).
Mark Jackson: Looking forward to his third trip to Guatemala. $50
Michelle Newman: was extremely happy to brag about her new grandchildren. As a grandparent myself, I know the feeling of excitement that comes when new additions arrive. Congratulations Michelle! $75
Tony Spinelli: Just got back from Maui. He and his wife had a fantastic time (what's not to like?). That was worth a $50 brag.
Frank Ortiz: He and Scottie also made a trip to Hawaii and Oahu. In addition to having a fantastic time, they also crashed a local Rotary Christmas party (or maybe they were actually invited?). Anyway, a great time was had $25.
Laurie Tamura: She and Jeff recently celebrated 40 years of marital bliss. I may be mistaken, but I think that I heard that bowling and installing a new fence was part of the honeymoon processsurprise. Happy Anniversary you two! $40
Mike Buhring: Not only did Wendy Foxen organize the Santa Claus Breakfast at SMCC (with Elf Jamie), but she and Kate Ferguson also corralled quite a few club members to go Christmas caroling to the Maloneys and the Mackeys on December 21. That was worth a $25 brag.
Wendy Foxen: was happy that everyone enjoyed themselves and the two families that were the main focus of the singing, also tremendously enjoyed it (apparently there's some hidden talent that we were unaware of???) $50



No fines today. President Mike is going to have to play catch-up here in the next few weeks. Meanwhile our wallets are safe for at least another week.

Roy LaPlante
"The Nostalgic Chimney Sweep"
Today's presentation was courtesy of Roy LaPlante aka The Nostalgic Chimney Sweep. Having been in business for over 35 years, Roy started out as "one man show" that specialized in chimney cleaning. Over the years he has branched out to offer a variety of alternative services and heating devices. These include gas fireplace inserts, wood pellet furnaces and solar panels to name just a few. All of these devices help defray the costs of keeping your home and business acceptably warm without depleting your bank account. He also continues to clean conventional chimneys as well. Depending on the type of wood burned and the frequency of use determines how often a thorough cleaning is required. If you would like to make an appointment for your home or office, Roy can be reached at (805) 934-4665. Alternative energy devices can be viewed at his showroom located at 837-B West Century in Santa Maria.
50/50 Drawing
Mark Clarke & Dan Blough
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