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Sep 15, 2019
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MEETING DATE:  September 5, 2019

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  President Kevin Walthers
FLAG SALUTE: Mark Bachman
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Mike Houstad, Grover Beach Club, and Alice Patino, from THE Rotary Club of Santa Maria :)  

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Todd Ventura and Mary Maranville
Tiny House Gala: Saturday, September 7, 5:00 pm Cocktails, 6:00 pm Dinner - Santa Maria Country Club
Discovery Museum "Farm to Table" Dinner: Sunday September 8, 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. This year the event will be held at the Lemos Barn.  The event is currently sold out.
S.O.S. Golf Tournament: Sunday September 8, SMCC starting at Noon (Raffle tickets are also be available for golfers and non golfers). See Kate Ferguson to sign up or for more details.
Concert For Hope: Tickets are only $35. See Rich Watson for ticket info.
Make a Splash for CASA: Sunday September 15, Chumash Casino Resort
AHC Winery 5th Anniversary Celebration:
Saturday September 21, 2019 @ Presquile Winery,  6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (see President Kevin for more details)
Cuzin for Life Car Show, September 20 & 21, Santa Maria Fairpark. 
YMCA Golf Tournament:  Friday, Saturday 27, Santa Maria Country Club
Orcutt Children's Arts Foundation Chalk Festival,  September 28, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, in Old Orcutt
Operation Surf: Thursday October 3, 2019 at Ted & Beth Ortega's residence
Central Coast Airfest:  October 12 & 13. Santa Maria Public Airport. 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 
District Conference: October 12. Chumash Casino
Mayor Alice Patino announced that all fire stations in Santa Maria will honor first responders at 7:20 am on September 11.    Also, the Mayor's Task Force is taking a group of students deep sea fishing on September 22, leaving at 6:00 am in the morning.  They are in need of chaperones.  
Monthly Rotarian of the Decade MROD: Teresa Reyburn 
Teresa bragged on a little party that she threw for her daughter, aka, a wedding!  She thanked the Rotary family for all their support, particularly the BBQ crew.  Even though as MROD she had a free brag, Teresa bragged $100.
Jim Small bragged on his 69 Chevy C10 truck celebrating it's 50th brithday - $50.
James Thomas bragged  that they closed as Rabobank and opened as Mechanics Bank with few issues - $25.
Jim Bray bragged on the club.  Last week when Chris Kunkle was here, the club helped in supporting $7,000 in new sponsors for the Airfest - $25.
Tanya Astrosky bragged on a recent trip to Las Vegas, and that while she was gone her 23 year old son moved out of the house - $23.
Patrice Mosby bragged on spending the weekend with her husband in Oxnard on the Beach.  They also went to Santa Cruz island - $25.
Todd Ventura bragged that his son is getting married this Saturday, all of his sons are in town for the wedding.  The brag was for $10 - which will be paid by his host.  Then he forgot where he was and tried to do a brag as an auctioneer.  
Wayne Miller bragged $100 to the compassion fund.  
Laurie Tamura bragged on St. John Medical Center, and the excellent care they provided for her husband.  He had a 5 hour surgery after having to be cleared by a cardiologist.  He had the surgery on Thursday, and was released on Friday, and is doing very well.  "every domino fell into place" - $100.
Ken Bradley - bragged that his family went to Cabo to celebrate that Jimmie V has been his father-in-law for 18 years.  Or wait.... was the brag on celebrating his 18th wedding anniversary?  - $18.  
Jason Stillwell said he wanted to do his weekly brag? on the mayor and city council....  can you say suck-up? - $25.
Jim Bray was fined $30 because last week Chris Kunkle had better facial hair.  
Then we had a game for new members, were they were asked to identify Rotarians featured in pictures from their past.  The following were unsuccessful, and therefore fined:
Angie Gumabon
Roberto Rodriguez
Marc Schneider
John Wesner
Ryan Swack was fined $30 for providing coffee cups the size of thimbles, what's up with that?
Students for Eco-Education in Agriculture (SEEAG) 
Mary Maranville shared some of her experience in working in agriculture.  She grew up on a farm in upstate New York.  A few years ago she went on a field trip, and decided that she wanted to help students learn more about agriculture, and created SEEAG.  The organization helps teach about 1,000 kids a year.  She also realized that most adults don't know about agriculture and everything that goes into it.  They take things for granted.  
She wanted to create a celebration of the hands and lands that feed us.  She approached ten different growers in the Ventura county, all, who agreed to participate, and from this the first Farm Day was established in 2013.  This event attracts over 4,000 attendees each year, and is a self guided tour to help understand the farming process.  
They have now expanded to Santa Maria, and have over 25 participants on the tour, with over 5,000 visitors.  Check out the website @ for more information.  They were recently featured in Westways magazine in the "5 worth the Drive" section.  
This is an important day and event for the growers.  
What's different about Lee Carroll?
(Other than he is not wearing his cowboy hat)

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