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MEETING DATE:  October 10, 2019

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  President Kevin Walthers
FLAG SALUTE: Mark Bachman

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Diane Adam and Emily Smith (Touchstone)
Central Coast Airfest:  October 12 & 13. Santa Maria Public Airport. 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Tickets available at the gate.
District Conference: October 12. Chumash Casino
B & G Club / Back A Youth Night: Thursday October 10th @ 5:45 PM / B & G Club.
Sips & Sombreros: Saturday November 2, 2019 - Santa Maria Fairpark
CASA of Hope BBQ: Lions Club of Orcutt, $12.00 each. See Kate Ferguson for tickets
PCPA "The Little Mermaid": Friday December 6, 2019. 7:00 PM. Betty Miller has all the info. See her for price and details.
2019 Rotary Christmas Parade: Mark you calendars! Everyone is needed. Saturday December 7 at 5:30 PM. Additionally, Mark Jackson will be needing as much help as possible assembling our Rotary float. Work parties will be forthcoming.
Rotary Jackets: For all those who don't yet have an official blue Rotary jacket (with your name sewn in), now is the time to buy one. Ken Bradley is taking orders. They are $100 each and can be billed through your club account.
Pat McDermott (Weekly Rotarian of the Decade): Pat's free brag was a big "shout out" to his New England Patriots for continuing their undefeated season (He hopes)
Ted Ortega: bragged $100 on everyone that helped make Operation Surf a huge success. Special thanks went to Terri Stricklin, Jack Gresser and Mike Buhring for providing food and drinks for the event.
Jason Francia: was also very impressed with the way our club stepped up for the event and all the great comments he heard from the participants. $100
Julie Walker: was also there helping and the event definitely touched her heart. $100
Dan Blough: used a dinner party pass that he purchased at our last Barn Party Luau. He and Peggy had a great time. $100
Shannon Seifert: had her Chairman's Round Table dinner last night and she thanked everyone that was involved. Special thanks went to Testa Catering for the great food and wine. $100
Jason Stillwell: bragged $22 on Clayton Kershaw losing to the Nationals (what a Dodger hatersad)
Andy Caldwell: was excited to see quite a few Rotarians at his recent congressional fundraiser last Sunday. Special thanks went to Terri Stricklin and her family and Jim Bray. $99
Laurie Tamura: recently returned from a weekend getaway in Paso Robles. Golfing and Peter Frampton were involved and Laurie's husband had a wonderful time. $50
Debbie Blow: had a birthday on Tuesday that involved attending a Barrett Jackson Auto Auction (I think in Las Vegas). She had a wonderful time. $62
Mike Gibson: What can he say? His beloved Dodgers blew it once againcrying $22
Doug Palmer: recently experienced a Sierra backpacking trip and a visit to NYC. Both were fantastic! $30
Jerry Schmidt: The YMCA dinner was great and his recent hiker/hunting trip was also a blast. $5
 Shannon Seifert: was fined $43 for making President Kevin buy some unneeded head lamps for the YMCA dinner. $43 out of his pocket is now $43 out of hers wink
Jason Francia, Chris Hastert and Frank Ortiz: for keeping our Rotary website up to date (NOT!) $30 each
Tim Staffel: for being absent while the Prez has something funny about you waiting on the PowerPoint. $30
Jason Stillwell: for just being Jason Stillwelllaugh $30
Touchstone Women's Collective
This week's program was presented by Diane Adam and Emily Smith. The women's collective was created out of recognition of the unique relationships between women and how important it is to support one another. The women's collective provides opportunities for women to meet on a monthly basis to learn from area experts on a variety of topics, for networking and resources to support ongoing professional growth and development as well as nurturing manifesting life and career goals. The Touchstone group meets on the first Friday of every month at the Santa Barbara Foundation Headquarters 2625 S. Miller St #101. The cost is $20 per person. Call (805) 619-9010 for more information.
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