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May 02, 2019
The Honda Disaster, “The Largest Naval Disaster During Peacetime in U.S. History.”
May 09, 2019
Barn Party (Meet at Fairpark)
May 16, 2019
It's a surprise
May 23, 2019
Woodstock 50 year anniversary
May 30, 2019
Mike Gibson
Jun 06, 2019
SB County Vision program / Past President Laurie Tamura will be "in charge".
Jun 13, 2019
County and City plans / Past President Tim Seifert will be "in charge".
Jun 20, 2019
Past President Shannon Seifert will be "in charge".
Past Speakers
Apr 25, 2019
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MEETING DATE: January 17, 2019
Club President:  Michael Buhring
FLAG SALUTE: Leonard Champion
INVOCATION: Glenn Morris

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Santa Maria Civic Theater (Performers: Jaime, Becky & Josh)
Rotating Dinners: Kate Ferguson is urging everyone to sign up (if you already haven't). Please help her by responding to her recent e-mail so that she can schedule accordingly. It's a lot of fun!......honest
Cigar Suggestions: Dan Blough recently returned from a trip to Florida. He brought back a good number of hand rolled cigars that he would like to offer up to the club for fundraising purposes. If anyone has any ideas, please contact Dan directly.
Santa Maria Boys & Girls Club: There will be a donor appreciation luncheon held at the club on January 30, 2019 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Contact the club to RSVP to the event.
Leading With Love: This is a Touchstone sponsored women's conference symposium that apparently is happening on Saturday March 9th. I don't have the place or time yet, so I'm assuming that more information will surface in the coming weeks.
Barn Party Luau: Chairman Kevin Walthers reported that everything at this point seems to be on track and moving ahead smoothly. Updates and information will continue each week as we move forward towards the event on 5-11-19.


Mike Gibson (Rotarian of the Month): Mike continues to walk around with a permanent retirement smile on his face. When asked for a comment, all he could say is that he's "Very Happy!!!"
Dan Blough: Dan is an avid fisherman and he had a blast in Tampa Bay, Florida recently where he caught a tremendous amount of fish. He also caught some types that you don't normally run into (if you see him, have him show you his pictures.....very awesome!) $50.
Peter Sterling: was excited to announce that his son was recently accepted to chiropractic college in Southern California (I think I have this right, if not please accept my apology). $50
Leonard Champion: bragged on his recent trip to San Francisco, where he and the family celebrated his birthday. $50
Jean-luc Garon: recently returned from France where he and his son visited relatives and did plenty of skiing (the Alps to be exact). During the trip, his son turned 18. Wow! Time sure does fly - $50
Pat McDermott: bragged about the IRS bringing back some employees to work just in time for tax seasonsad. He also was extremely happy to win a bet from a fellow Rotarian regarding his extremely lucky Patriots. It's too bad that the Rams are going to put a big "kibosh" on his plans for another Super Bowl title (Just Sayin). Anyway, he was happy.....for now. $50
Ed Carcarey: had a serious health scare recently but was glad that he was in the vicinity of Marian Hospital. They took care of him exceptionally well. He was very proud of everyone that works there. Awesome news Ed, we are very happy to have you back with us and feeling better. $50
Kevin Walthers: Kevin's better half Shannon, was on the cover of last week's Santa Maria Sun where she volunteered her efforts that helped many families in need during the holidays. Oh, and he also bought a brand new truck to start the new year off on the right track. $50
Craig Bernard: Yes, he went skiing yet again (he should be a professional at this point). He had great trips to Mammoth as well as Utah to further enhance his skills. *Better be careful Craig. With tax season upon us, you can't afford any injuries at this point in time. $50
George & Judy Mackey: bragged on the club (via letter) for the fantastic Christmas carolling that some club members provided to them over the recent holidays. They were extremely moved and appreciated everyone who participated in the event. The letter included a check for $50 to go to the club's ongoing funds.

Leonard Champion: Fined himself $50 for not being able to save Shaws Restaurant during the tragic fire that happened a few weeks ago.




Julie Walker
This week the club had the pleasure of hearing new member Julie Walker's craft talk biography. Julie was born and raised on the east coast. Her family owned and operated a Harley Davidson motorcycle shop for many years in the early 1900's. Over the years, motorcycles gave way to a thriving bicycle business that the family nurtured and continue to run to this very day. At age 18, Julie packed all of her belongings and headed out to the west coast where she eventually got married and became involved in real estate. Julie now resides with her second husband and they have three grown sons between them. They love to go camping anytime there is an opportunity to do so. Thank you for taking the time to let us know a little more about you Julie. We are very happy to have you as a member of our club and we look forward to many fun times ahead.
Santa Maria Civic Theatre
This week's program was presented by three members of the SMCT acting troup. Jaime, Beck and Josh each sang a song from an acting piece that they had recently performed in. In conclusion, they banded together to sing a three part musical piece from another play that they had acted and sang in. Founded in 1959, the theatre presents a variety of plays each season that gives local actors the opportunity to participate in musicals, classics, comedies, dramas and much, much more. With over 200+ productions behind them, they are currently working on their upcoming 60th season. If acting is not in your wheelhouse, they can also use talented handymen (and women) to help build sets and arrange sound and lighting for upcoming productions. If you are interested, please go to  for more information or call (805) 922-4442 for ticket information.
50/50 Drawing
Carol Bradfield & Kevin Walthers
Please visit us at: