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Jun 08, 2023
Holly Edds
Jun 15, 2023
Jun 22, 2023
Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation
Jun 29, 2023
Musical performance
Jul 06, 2023
Youth and Rotary/Craft talk
Jul 13, 2023
Jul 20, 2023
Jul 27, 2023
State of the District
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 April 20, 2023
Roberto Rodriquez
Pledge of Allegiance:  Shannon Seifert
Invocation: Glenn Morris
Visiting Rotarians: None today
Guests: Michaela Jamison, John Glines, Paul & Rebecca Ollice, Lauren Brown (Speaker)
Only 30 days away!
Club Member Obligations
for the Barn Party
  • The auction items are to be listed on the Barn Party Acquisition Form and forwarded to Tanya Astrosky by Friday, April 21st Yes, that's tomorrow!!
  • When you have identified your items and submitted your acquisition form, please contact Suzanne Levy and arrange to get them to her.
  • Kate Ferguson asked that all SMBR members return their ticket stubs for registration, or self-register guest using the link on the webiste.
Mark Jackson Update: Barn Party/Luau move-in will commence on Wednesday May 10th starting at 5:30 PM. All able bodies are requested to show up and help out so that it goes as quickly as possible.  Sign up sheets will be available each week.
VTC Rodeo Queen
Michaela Jamison....
...very proudly represents VTC in the 2023 Rodeo Queen Contest.  She has been assisting with queen campaigns since she was 9! Now, it’s her turn to make a dream come true and make a run for the Elks Rodeo Queen!
A junior at Righetti High School, Michaela has earned a 4.2 GPA and is very active in school clubs:  Member of the Interact Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the California Scholarship Federation to name a few. She is a part of Pacific Christian’s youth group and involved with their children’s ministry. Additionally, Michaela is fully engaged with our community by volunteering and working at various non-profit fundraisers with her parents throughout the years. After high school she plans to major in education at a major university.
Check out the goings on at:
Welcome to Rotary!
Seth Ollice
Seth Ollice is proud to be home-grown, sharing he spent his youth in Orcutt-Santa Maria area schools, leaving only to attend college in Colorado.  He has since returned and is now part of the Coast Hills Credit Union Wealth Management service! 
 Rotary Service Day
Rotary Centennial Park
Saturday, April 22nd
SMBR is requesting the assistance of 20 members to assist in on 3 projects.
Contact Kathy Simas or Kate Ferguson
April 26 @ SM Airport - 6 to 7pm


The Mission is to honor all of America’s veterans by taking them to Washington D.C. on their “Tour of Honor” as our guest. Once there, they can visit and reflect at their memorials which have been built to honor their service.  Currently over 350 local veterans of WWII and Korea war veterans are waiting for their time.


Anyone available to assisting in honoring our Veterans is encourage to show up at the Airport an wish them well on their Honor Flight.

Kate Ferguson reminds us the next event is scheduled for
MAY 9 in Lompoc
Night with Prior Baird
  Contact the Boys & Girls Club or Berto for tickets! 
Image result for santa maria police council logo golf tournament 2023 schedule
The Santa Maria Police Council will once again be hosting a great day and evening of fun at Santa Maria Country Club on Friday, June 9th.
Note:  This tournament sells out every year.  So, sign-up soooon!  Contact Mike Gibson or Laurie Tamura
Register online @ forms
COLAB Dinner/Comedy Show
John Grisante was told as a kid not to gamble, but ohhh no...he just had to open his yapper, and lost a bet.  He's now running around with the tips of his hair frosted!  Jim Peterson sure wishes he had enough hair to make this kinda bet!  $20
Frank Ortiz, attempting to spruce up his rather demure announcement, is asking SMBR members to re-double their efforts for some Live Auction items for the upcoming Luau Barn Party!  $25
Kevin Walthers and several AHC representatives returned from a Community College confabulation in Washington D.C. to receive recognition for the Promise Program and the many graduations of Latino students!  $200
Laurie Tamura failed to attend a reverse drawing event...and won...again!  This makes 3 times such a strategy has paid off.  $100
Shannon Seifert once again bragged about the tremendous support the 'Y' receives from SMBR members.  Several of our crew attended the step-down celebration for outgoing board president. $80
Prez Berto Rodriquez, in a "Staffelesc" way, expressed his appreciation for 1) the recently completed Boys & Girls Club auction, raising about $150,000!  2) He thanked past presidents James Thomas & Laurie Tamura for holding down the fort while he was vacationing in his family home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  3) And, oh yes, his son turned 21 and demonstrated his abilities to "chase the worm".  $100
Mike Gibson is at it again!   Lettin' his alligator mouth override his hummingbird arse.  Will he ever learn? $30
Prez Berto slapped a fine on Kevin Walthers for failing to smile in the group photo of the dynamic D.C. trippers!  $30
True to form, no good deed goes unpunished.  So much for "holding down the fort!"  Ask Laurie cost her $30.
The most selfish 1-letter word
= I
The most satisfying 2-letter word 
    = We        
The most poisonous 3-letter word
= Ego
The most use 4-letter word
= Love
The most pleasing 5-letter word
= Smile
The fastest spreading 6-letter word
= Rumors
The hardest working 7-letter word
= Success
The most enviable 8-letter word
= Jealousy
The most powerful 9-letter word
= Knowledge
The most valued 10-letter word
= Friendship 
Berto   Lauren Brown   Suzanne Levy   Jim Small
SLO4Home is a broad grass roots coalition of religious organizations, veterans and active-duty military members, and community activists helping Afghan refugees establish new lives and livelihoods on the Central Coast.
This group began coordinating relocation assistance efforts late in 2022. Areas of focus include housing, job assistance, education, health, transportation, culture and hospitality.
It is expected more than 65,000 Afghans will be welcomed through the Afghan Placement and Assistance (APA) program, set up through the U.S. government. Many of the Afghans who will be resettled worked directly with the United States on its mission in Afghanistan, including across military, diplomatic, and development efforts, or are a family member of someone who did. Thousands more worked as journalists, human rights activists, or humanitarian workers and had careers that put them at risk, which makes them eligible for visas.
And the winners are...

Please visit us at: