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MEETING DATE:  May 3, 2018
Call to Order:  Acting/Past President Shannon Seifert
Flag Salute:    Jerry Schmidt
Invocation:     "Reverend" Andy Caldwell
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Carlos Cortez (Downtown Santa Barbara Rotary Club)
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Brad Hinds, April Wright-Littlefield, Diane McMahon, Jesus Soloria and various dancers from the AHC Dance Dept.
1)  Barn Party Luau Info: Kate Ferguson urgently needs everyone's ticket information so that she can input the information into the computer before the event occurs. Please give her a call if you're unsure on what you need to do. Mark Jackson needs as many club members as possible to help with the decorating process. We are getting "down to the wire" and only have about three work days left to finish the project. Please contact Mark for more details or to sign up.
2) Santa Maria Valley Humane Society: The fundraiser event Paws & Claws Goes to the Circus will be held on Saturday May 19th at  the Jeanne Woods Animal Care Complex. Our Rotary Club has purchased a table for the event. If you are interested in attending, please contact Carol Bradfield for more information.
3) Kentucky Derby Fundraiser: There will be a fundraiser for the VTC Queen candidate Kate Compton at the Santa Maria Country Club on Saturday May 5th. Tim Staffel has all the details.
4) Jr. High Interviews: Orcutt Jr.High and Lakeview will be conducting their annual 8th grade interviews sometime in the near future. A clipboard went around, but I failed to see the dates. Please contact Laurie Tamura if you wish to participate or need more info.
5) S.M. Fire Dept Fundraiser: There will be a Fire on the Fairways golf tournament on Monday May 21. The cost is $150 per team. Please give Leonard Champion a call if you would like to sign up.
6) Boy Scouts - Los Padres League: A $1,000 check was presented to Scouting USA this morning. Pictured below are April Wright-Littlefield, Shannon Seifert and Carlos Cortez
7) Allan Hancock Foundation: Jim Bray spoke to the club regarding the upcoming Community Ambassador Program. The program consists of six 1/2 day training sessions beginning in August 2018. If you would like more details, please contact Jim or Kevin Walthers.
8) PCPA Check Presentation: The club presented a $1,000 check to Brad Hinds of the PCPA foundation. Pictured below are President Shannon (having fun of course) and Brad.
Craig Bernard: bragged $25 on Chuck Halsell and the Halsell family for doing a great job with their Memory Care Facility. Craig's Mom is now a new resident there.
Laurie Tamura bragged $25 on her friend Irene for sprucing up our tattered and torn Rotary banners. They are currently being re-stitched and will return to the meeting sometime in the near future.
Andy Caldwell: bragged $100 on Testa Catering and the very successful COLAB dinner that occured last Saturday eveninng. NOTE: Andy failed to mention the Chumash Casino in his brag, so he was also fined $50. Ted Ortega brought that piece of info to the group's attention but he was (fined/brag?) $25 for not going to the event. It was very complicated exchange, but the important part was that the club received $175 out of itwink
Kerin Mase: The annual Day of Hope cancer fundraiser was very successful this year. The campaign raised over $200,000 and sold over 12,000 newspapers. $25
Kevin Walthers: gave Frank Ortiz a big "shout out" for doing an outstanding job at AHC (he's retiring now). He went on to say that the college now has an overall better public safety program thanks to Mr. Ortiz. In addition to that piece of news Kevin wanted all of us to know that......he has Mars rocks displayed at his campus!! Very cool!!!!  $50
Jerry Schmidt, Shannon & Tim Seifert: bragged $25 apiece towards Dan & Peggy Blough's recent dinner that they hosted. Creme Brulee was the key word in this brag.
First, I would like to say, when Shannon gets going it's extremely hard to keep up with her (in fact I gave up)surprise
Lucky for me, based on Ken Bradley's tally sheet (Thanks Ken), there were a total of 20 members that were fined ($25 or $30) for various reasons (all legitimate, I'm sure).
Allan Hancock College Dance Program
This week, the club was treated to some fantastic dance routines performed by current dance students at AHC. The dances ranged from hip-hop, folkorico, top hat & tails to modern jazz. The students are currently performing a four day Cinco De Mayo event that focuses on the Folklorico aspect of the dance spectrum. Tickets can be purchased at the AHC box office if you wish to attend.
50/50 Winners
Jack Gresser & April-Wright Littlefield
Please visit us at:
REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.