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Jul 25, 2019
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Aug 15, 2019
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Jul 04, 2019
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MEETING DATE: June 13, 2019
Acting President:  Tim Seifert
FLAG SALUTE: Jean-luc Garon
VISITING ROTARIANS: Jason Stillwell introduced Marc Schneider in absentia because he forgot to do it last week when he was here???

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Mayra Ramos (aspiring Rotarian)
Rotary Step Down Party: It's this Saturday (6/14) @ 4:00 PM, so I hope you signed up already. If not, you're going to miss a great time!
Orcutt Stability Home: Open House June 13th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM
Harvest Community Center: Mayra Ramos spoke to our membership about all of the wonderful things that this organization does for the community. They offer a wide variety of services. Monthly food distribution, adult computer classes and holiday toy drives, to name just a few. She urged our members to help them by getting involved and volunteering time or services to the program wherever they see a fit. Ms.Ramos did a great job of speaking and many questions were asked and answered after her presentation was completed.
Barn Party Luau Tabulation: Wendy Foxen announced that $153,000 was raised at this year's annual fundraiser. She is currently paying all invoices that were submitted for payment or reimbursement. So if you have any relevant expenses that you're holding on to, you better get them in or we will consider them donations (and we of course thank you)laugh
Program Suggestions: Lee Carroll is currently working on scheduling programs for upcoming meetings. If you know of any speakers or interesting organizations that might be of interest to the group, please submit the names and contact info to Lee so that he can start to work on it
Frank Culley: Frank's daughter and her boyfriend helped Frank celebrate his 77th birthday. Happy Birthday Frank!!  $25
Jim Bray: recently traveled to London, France and then on to Normandy to witness the 75th anniversary of D-Day. It was an incredible day to be a part of and something that Jim will never forget.  $25
Tim Seifert: deemed himself "Rotarian of the Week" which gave him the ability to have a free brag. He took the opportunity to brag on his Rotarian BBQ team and the many AIDS fundraising bicycle riders that they helped feed. All in all, the riders raised close to 16 million dollars over a 5 day period.
Terri Stricklin: is actually our true "Rotarian of the Month". She used her free brag on fellow Rotarian Andy Caldwell who does a spectacular job on his radio talk show each weekday afternoon and also to Lee Carroll and Jim Small who provide us with great programs every week. She's also going to Las Vegas to see what Lady Luck has in store for her.
Jerry Schmidt: The Golf tournament fundraiser he was involved in was a great success. He also bragged on Mike Gibson for stepping up to help volunteer with the event. He also managed to fit in a Foreigner concert as well.  $25
Mike Gibson: bragged on fellow Rotarian Peter Kang who did a great job presiding over George Mackey's memorial service last Saturday.  $35
Kate Ferguson: Her house is sold and it only took one week. She also celebrated her 63rd birthday and attended a Goo Goo Dolls concert. Congrats Kate!  $24
Dale Johnson: attended Stag Night the other evening and was really impressed with the Rosemary Farm venue. It really was an amazing place.  $20
Lee Carroll: bragged on his daughter Jessica who was recently promoted to Program Director for two local radio stations. He also thanked Rotarian Rich Watson who started the wheels in motion a few years ago.  $30
 Jason Francia: was asked to recite the 4-Way test by memory. He managed to read the majority of it from a banner hanging behind Mr. Seifert. Since Tim probably couldn't recite the whole thing himself anyway, I think he took pity on Jason and didn't fine him anything.
Andy Caldwell (Just because) & Jason Stillwell (Late guest intro): were each fined $30
Laurie Tamura
This week's presentation was given by our very own Laurie Tamura. Laurie is the President and principle planner of Urban Planning Concepts. Today's subject was the city of Santa Maria. She spoke about the early days when it was founded in 1885 by settlers Fesler, Cook, Thornburg & Miller. During that time the city consisted of only 1,200 acres. The city now boasts over 109,000 residents with a new census count starting in 2020. Laurie also spoke about how the town (as it currently sits) is nearly 100% built out with an increased population of 37,000 more residents expected in the next 30 years. To meet this need, Santa Maria will either need more land annexed to them or the city will have no choice but to "build upwards". After her Powerpoint presentation, Laurie answered a multitude of questions from the audience. She did an excellent job and we're very thankful that she took the time to bring us up to date about our "Home Sweet Home".
Dan Blough & Mike Moats
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