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MEETING DATE: August 26, 2021

President James Thomas
MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Mark Clarke

Elk's Rodeo Circle of Champions:  Pat McDermott has his dealers.
YMCA Golf Tournament: See Shannon Seifert for more information.
SMV YMCA Golf Ball Drop: Buy a ball for $25 each for your chance to win big. See Mike Gibson for details.
Shoes for Students Golf Tournament: See Kate Ferguson for details.
OCAF Chalk Festival: Saturday September 25th, 2021 - 10:00 AM- 3:30 PM On the last Saturday in September, Old Town Orcutt turns into an explosion of chalk art masterpieces, live music, public art, and community engagement.
Today's Rotary Minute: Jim Bray gave us his Rotary Minute which was about giving a kidney to his wife and  about all of the great support that came from this great Breakfast Rotary Club.
Rotating Dinners: 
Betty Miller: Mentioned that PCPA has announced their holiday season and their holiday show will be A Secret Garden on Friday December 3rd. Looking for those that might be interested in attending.
Michael Moates: Bragged on his new red Corvette, his Yoga sessions and his pinched behind. $30
Ken Bradley:  Bragged about his trip to Pennsylvania for  his grandmothers memorial. He shared things like Covid with relatives and came back home and celebrated his 50th birthday. (Even though vaccinated he still got Covid) Ken also talked about his Flintlock Muzzle loader that he got from his Uncle. Ken also got a new puppy, a Boston Terrier. Celebrated Brook's birthday. Then a trip to Boise State. What a busy four weeks. $50
Laurie Tamura: Bragged on the ECON Alliance Golf Tournament with 19 teams, beautiful weather and made some good money but glad it's over. $25
Julianne Moreno: Bragged on her little one who started kindergarten and also bragged on Holly who has done a great job with the Orcutt Schools. $25
Dale Johnson: Bragged on his daughter who lives in England and got married but he couldn't go because of Covid. $100
Terri Stricklin: Bragged on her birthday, went to visit the Indians at the Chumash and won $2,300.00, had a great Italian meal and was in her pajamas by 7:30 PM . $67
Laurie Tamura: For her Birthday, her son and daughter in law ordered meals from the Hitching Post which they shared at Laurie's house, played cards and had a great time. $25
Michael Moates: Dr. Moates and his wife were scheduled to go to Maui  but the government made it clear that they (nor any visitors) were not welcome. $30
The following "Best of" winners were fined $30 each:
Terri Stricklin
Martin Testa
Peter Sterling
Frank Culley
Ryan Swack
David LeRoy
Andy Caldwell
Marc Schneider
Kevin Walthers
Betty Miller
Chris Hastert
Today was Club Assembly
And the winners are..............Dale Johnson & one unknown

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