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MEETING DATE:  November 21, 2019

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Past President Frank Ortiz
FLAG SALUTE: Mark Schneider

PCPA "The Little Mermaid": Friday December 6, 2019. 7:00 PM. Well.....if you haven't signed up by now, I think you're out of luck. It's SOLD OUTsad
 2019 Christmas Parade of Lights: Mark your calendars for Saturday December 7 starting at 5:20 PM. All members will be needed to make this 25th anniversary parade a very special event. Mark Jackson will be coordinating the decorations for our club's float. All members interested in helping with the decorations, please report to the Dan Blough construction office at 2353 A Street on Saturday November 23rd at 9:00 AM. The more help the better.
Ham & Turkey Fundraiser: Lee Carroll reports that he received $1,600 towards this worthy cause. $800 for turkeys (Thanksgiving) and $800 for hams (Christmas)
Region 12 Dinner: Tuesday December 3 / 6:00 PM at the Trattoria Uliveto restaurant in Old Orcutt. The cost is $25 per person and I believe Mike Gibson has the sign up sheet..
Toy Drive: Speaking of Mike Gibson.....he is also organizing a Toy Drive that benefits the Probation Department and the female detainees and their children. All toys will be purchased on December 14. A sign up sheet is available for donating money as well as time to help out.
Rotary Christmas Party: Saturday December 21, 2019 (Time: TBA) at Testas Bistro. The cost is $80 per person (I'm sure a sign up sheet will be circulated very soon). Hope to see everyone there!
Guatemala Trip (International Service): Mark Jackson has all the info on joining fellow Rotarians on a trip to Guatemala. This will be a working trip that will be highlighted by many social experiences as well, There are three trips scheduled that range from the first part of February 2020 to the end of March. If interested, please contact Mark ASAP.
Annual Rotary Family Christmas Breakfast: This years event will occur on Thursday December 19 at 7:00 AM. Location: TBD
Blue Badge Honorees: The following members have completed their red badge requirements and were awarded their official blue badge designation. Congratulations to Tanya Astrosky, Angelica Gumabon, Marc Schneider and Peter Kang.
Clipboard Mania: Apparently Mike Gibson was losing a lot of his clipboards lately. Ted Ortega came to the rescue and presented Mike with a case full. Unfortunately for us, I'm sure that they'll all get used fairly soonwink
Kate Ferguson: bragged $50 on her grandson who placed in his 1650 freestyle race at the Junior Nationals swim meet, She is very proud.
Peter Kang: bragged $20 on being promoted to the church rector. He and his wife will also be baptizing his son this weekend and he thanked Ryan Swack for helping his family out with lodging for the ceremony.
Jim Peterson: bragged $30 on successful cataract surgery. He also thanked Jean-luc for his help with hotel rooms.
Roberto Rodriguez: He and his wife recently celebrated 20 years of marriage. Congratulations! $20
Dale Johnson: is happy that his daughter is here visiting from England. $25
Laurie Tamura: She and her husband went to Bakersfield participated in a 5K run and they completed it in under an hour. $30
Jerry Schmidt: recently returned from a New Mexico trip where he went hunting in the wilderness. $45
Note: President Ortiz fined the following people $30 each to help the club catch up with their financial obligations, but he let each individual talk about whatever they wanted.
Jack Gresser: went on a trip to Greece, Turkey and Hawaii
Wayne Miller: went on a vacation with his brother Scott and they hiked 51 miles in 7 days.
Mark Jackson: He and his wife went on a trip to Big Sur
Jason Stilwell: took a big trip to the Skyview Motel (that's right, I said the Skyview Motel...wowsurprise)
Lee Carroll: He and his wife are going to Yosemite
Mike Cardona: Purchased a new house in Tennessee
Gary Nemetz: Going to Bakersfield for Thanksgiving
Dan Blough: He had a health scare, but everything is back to normal now.
Terri Stricklin: going to have knee surgery next week (our thoughts and prayers are with you)
Ted Ortega: Going to New York
Andy Caldwell: Very happy with his campaign so far ($300,000 raised in 10 weeks)

Rotary Foundation


Frank Ortiz spoke to the membership about the value of the Rotary Foundation and how it gives us many opportunities to expand our horizons and help less fortunate areas of the world. During the course of our involvement, we have traveled to 28 locations around the world. Nigeria, Mexico, Nicaragua, Hondura, Guatemala and Sri Lanka to name just a few. The projects undertaken have ranged from assisting with polio vaccinations to building needed structures in impoverished communities. Being involved in these projects also gives us the opportunity to meet other Rotarians of different nationalities. A foundation grant program was started in 2013, with funds going to the district as well as Rotary international. Frank put together a very informative Powerpoint presentation that showed everyone what had been done in the past.

Kate Ferguson
Gary Nemetz

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