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Oct 29, 2020
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Oct 01, 2020
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MEETING DATE:  September 3, 2020

 Faith DeBrum, VTC Rodeo Queen Candidate & a Junior at Orcutt Academy

                                      Kirstie Hettinga, Ph.D Program of the day
Jean-Luc Garon: Named an Honorary Member
Casa Duck Derby Winner: Second Place Winner for a family trip to San Diego, Hotel for two nights and LEGOLAND
Frank Ortiz: Talked about the 2020 - 2021 Projects and Contributions
Downtown Fridays: As far as we know, virtual Downtown Friday's are still going on every week.
VTC Rodeo Queen Candidate: The rodeo may be cancelled but the Queen contest is going forward. Contact Tanya Astrosky if you need more information or would like to volunteer your services or to buy a ticket to win a 2020 Corvette.
United Way Rodeo Queen Candidate: Sabrina Dana is also fundraising and selling tickets to the many events that are planned for her campaign. Kevin Walthers will be e-mailing her website to all members so that they can help her reach her goal.
YMCA Virtual Golf Ball Drop: This will be happening on October 1, 2020 and Shannon Seifert has all the details.
David Leroy: Bragged on Earning a Diploma in Management and on Toyota of Santa Maria for winning the Sun Magazine's Best Dealership award $100.00
Frank Culley: Bragged on Winning the Sun Magazine's Best Electrician award and Best Customer Service award $100.00
Ryan Swak: Bragged on the Santa Maria Inn & Employees for winning four (4) awards from the Sun Magazine $100.00
Pat McDermott: Bragged on his 40th Anniversary, his 63rd Birthday, his Mother in Law's 96th Birthday and Cindy's Cancer Remission $200.00
Mike Gibson: Bragged on The Kaleidoscope Scholarship Software Program $100.00
Martin Testa: Bragged on their 46th Anniversary, Debbie's Birthday and winning the Sun Magazine's Best Caterer award $100.00
Tim Seifert: Bragged on his dog Augie $25.00
Tim Staffel: Joined with Mike Gibson to brag on the Kaleidoscope Scholarship Software Program $100.00
Ken Bradley: Bragged on 19 years of marriage and renewing their marriage vows in Las Vegas $19.00
Berto Rodriguez: Bragged on his sons birthday and a Boys and Girls Club Sun Magazine non specific award $20.00
No Fines Today
Kirstie Hettinga

     Kirstie is a Righetti High School graduate and talked to us today about supporting local newspapers. Without the local newspapers there is no Watch Dog, thus no accountability. She suggested how we can support our local papers: Subscribe, Advertise & Donate.

     Kirstie joined the faculty at California Lutheran University as an assistant professor of communication in 2013. Kirstie earned tenure and was promoted to associate professor in 2019.
     Kirstie earned her doctorate in mass communication from The Pennsylvania State University's College of Communications. Her bachelor's and master's were both earned at California State University, Fresno. Kirstie's undergraduate degree is in mass communication-print journalism and theatre arts and her master's degree is in mass communications.

Three men are arrested and sentenced to death by firing squad, one by one.
     While they wait to be executed they come up with a plan. Right before they are to be shot, each one will yell that some natural disaster or emergency is happening to distract the soldiers and they would be able to escape.
     The first man hears the captain counting down to 0, he yells “TORNADO!” As the soldiers duck for cover, he scales the wall of the prison and escapes to freedom.
     The second man hears the captain counting down to 0, he yells “EARTHQUAKE!” As the soldiers duck for cover, he scales the wall of the prison and escapes to freedom.
     The last man hears the captain counting down to 0, he yells “FIRE!”

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