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May 02, 2019
The Honda Disaster, “The Largest Naval Disaster During Peacetime in U.S. History.”
May 09, 2019
Barn Party (Meet at Fairpark)
May 16, 2019
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May 23, 2019
Woodstock 50 year anniversary
May 30, 2019
Mike Gibson
Jun 06, 2019
SB County Vision program / Past President Laurie Tamura will be "in charge".
Jun 13, 2019
County and City plans / Past President Tim Seifert will be "in charge".
Jun 20, 2019
Past President Shannon Seifert will be "in charge".
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Apr 25, 2019
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MEETING DATE: December 13, 2018
Club President:  Michael Buhring
FLAG SALUTE: Chris Hastert
INVOCATION: Glenn Morris

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Amy Curti and the St. Joseph High School Glee Club

Rotary Adult Ugly Sweater Christmas Party: This past Saturday (12/8), we had our traditional Christmas party for all members and their significant others. This year it was held at the ever popular Uliveto Italian Restaurant in Old Orcutt. Leonard Champion won first prize for his creative outfit (not to mention his cute legs). As you can see by the pictures below, fun was had by all and we are now officially filled with the holiday spiritangel. Happy Holidays to everyone!



Bell Ringers: The Salvation Army is in desperate need of bell ringers and we at Rotary are here to help. Dale Johnson is currently asking for volunteers to ring on Saturday December 22 (location TBA). If you can be of service, please give Dale a call at (805) 310-9950 and see what time slots are still available.

Congrats Teresa!: After a long illustrious career with the City of Santa Maria, Teresa has now decided to officially retire. This last week she was honored with a surprise retirement party with all of her family and friends. Now with all of her available free time she can jump right into every Rotary project that we have going.......(just kidding Teresa). Although she does have a very Presidential look about her don't you think?wink

Annual Rotary Christmas Breakfast: Thursday December 20 at the Santa Maria Country Club @ 7:00 AM. This is for all Rotary family members and yes, Santa usually makes a surprise appearance as well. If you have not yet signed up, you better do so quickly otherwise you'll be sitting outside in the parking lot with the Grinch.


Jerry Schmidt (Rotarian of the Month): Jerry had quite a few things to brag about and be thankful for. He bought a new trailer at "Trailer Plus" (official plug). All of his kids will be home for Christmas this year. He recently attended his 40th high school reunion and had a fantastic time. Most importantly, he bragged on his good friend Dan Blough for referring a great doctor to help him out with some family medical issues.

Chris Hastert: Bragged on his son competing in a Robotics contest through his school club. He was also proud to announce that the recent Santa Maria Air Show won quite a few awards in Las Vegas and he is now looking forward to next year which will be even better. Chris also showed the members a new promotional video advertising next years dates. $100

Martin Testa: Recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas where he and Debi attended a World Class Rodeo event. They had a great time and that was worth $25.

Lee Carroll: Ordered pizzas for church event volunteers on Saturday. He got a good deal from Randy at "Straw Hat Pizza" (another official plug). $25

Shannon Seifert: She bragged on Dan Blough (something about a "Christmas Carol") and Kate Ferguson for organizing the Christmas party? *I'm sorry Shannon if I didn't write this down correctly, but I did try hard to keep up with yousmiley

Kate Ferguson: Since she couldn't be at the party, she appreciated all the photos that were sent to her by various members. She also was presented a Bacon Bowl white elephant mystery gift that was left over from the party. $25

Jim Peterson: Bragged on Mike and Michelle Buhring for hosting a dinner at their house involving past coaches that once worked together. $50



Jean-luc Garon: For some reason Jean-luc decided to show a trained restaurant bartender how to properly mix a drink. Not quite sure what compelled him to do that.......but it gave President Mike a reason to fine him $30.

Today's program was presented by the St. Joseph High School Glee Club. Organizer Amy Curti, led her six vocalists through a variety of songs that encompassed the Christmas season as well a few Broadway tunes. Mrs. Curti also announced that they would soon be auditioning for a new school production of Les Miserables. She said that there will also be children and adult singing parts available (hear that Rotarians?). After the presentation, our Rotary Club made a financial contribution to the choir.
50/50 Drawing
Laurie Tamura & Jack Gresser
(who joyfully donated their winnings to the Glee Club)
Please visit us at: