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Feb 27, 2020
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Annual Barn Party Luau & Auction
May 09, 2020
5:00 PM – 8:30 PM
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MEETING DATE: February 27, 2020

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Kevin Walthers
FLAG SALUTE: Jason Francia

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Teresa Cordero, Catherine Weissenberg, and Jocelyn Montanaro
Shred Fest: March 7 / 550 W. Betteravia / 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Hats For Hope: Benefit Dinner and Auction - March 28/6:00 PM
@ Trilogy Monarch Club
Elizabeth Smart Appearance: March 28, 2020 @ The Granada. Ticket prices range from $56 to $181 ($31 for students.)
AHC "Final Fore" Golf Tournament: Monday April 6 @ SMCC. Dinner and Raffle also available.
Boys & Girls Club of the Central Coast: The annual Gala will be held on Friday April 17. Our club is paying for a table if you would like to participate. See Roberto for details
VTC Rodeo Queen Fundraisers: Lots of events scheduled. Tanya Astrosky has all the details
United Way Rodeo Queen Fundraisers:  A lot of events are scheduled for this queen candidate as well:
2020 Rotary Luau: Mark your calendars for the annual Barn Party Luau, which will be on Saturday May 9 at the Santa Maria Fairpark. Sponsorship forms and save the date cards have gone out.  We need the sponsorships in within the next couple of weeks; make sure to provide their logo.  Everyone will be billed for six tickets, unless you bring in a $1,000 sponsor.  
Weekly Rotarians of the Decade: Tanya Astrosky and Lee Carroll - Tanya and her husband had a great time at Big Sur over the weekend.  They are heading to Disneyland on Sunday. Lee bragged on Wayne Miller, who helped relieve Lee's friend's pain after an auto accident.  He also bragged on Kate Ferguson who is helping his daughter Jessica purchase her first house.
Dan Blough: spent the weekend in Las Vegas with his wife to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary. $46
Debbie Blow: bragged on the club for their support of the OCAF Gala and OAHS Spartatroniks Fundraisers. $30
Frank Culley: bragged on his wife for spending one more year with him. $38
Leonard Champion: bragged on Kate Ferguson and Shoes for Students.  They had to respond to a situation for a young girl during which they had to cut off her new shoes and pants.  Kate helped them get new shoes and pants for the girl.  $40
Mike Cardona: celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife in Las Vegas. $20
Kate Ferguson: bragged on Lee Carroll saying that he is a good man, and even though we give him a hard time, he really is a good man.  $25
Tim Seifert: bragged on partnering with Dan Blough and on the beautiful new Verizon building at Clark and Stillwell. $100
Mike Gibson:  also bragged on the new development at Clark and Stillwell.  $20
Mike Gibson: was fined $30 for his comment that the CALM event was fairly expensive.  It was an interesting comment, given that he is on their Board ... I guess your perspective changes once you retire.  

Our program today was provided by the authors of the book “Beyond Ever after; A heart to heart journey through death and the afterlife.”  This book is a true story written by Jocelyn Montanaro an attorney, about her husband Kevin, who communicated through a psychic, Catherine Weissenber. 

Jocelyn and Catherine shared part of their story; Kevin was in a coma after having a tumor removed.  When he was still in the coma a month later, Jocelyn reluctantly reached out to Catherine, who does writings, as she talks to dead people and those in a coma.  Catherine started the writing, and Jocelyn heard Kevin speaking.  She knew she was talking to her husband because he started sharing things that he said when he was coming out of surgery.  There were only two people in the room at the time.  When he was talking through Catherine, he originally thought he was dreaming, but said if I’m not dreaming, I’m going to try to wake up out of the come, and he did.  He fell back into a coma, and a while later, Jocelyn was set to bring him home.  Kevin had gotten an MRI, and was supposed to go home the next day.  Catherine had gotten a message that she needed to come to the hospital.  Jocelyn kept saying she didn’t want Catherine to come.  But Catherine came, and communicated Kevin’s thoughts to Jocelyn.  He told Jocelyn that he wasn’t going to make it, and he didn’t want to go home, but instead wanted to go to Serenity House Hospice.  He said he was in a better place than he had ever been.  They went to Serenity House – Catherine came to Serenity House, and they had a writing with their children.  He talked about how even thought his brain was gone, that he was talking through his heart. 
In the book, they encourage people to share their feelings, because they may not have the chance.  Write it down, if you don’t feel comfortable saying it to the person, but make sure you share your feelings.
This weeks raffle winners were
Tim Seifert and Craig Bernard

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