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May 12, 2018
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Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
MEETING DATE:  January 25, 2018
Call to Order:  Past/Acting President Frank Ortiz
Flag Salute:    Roberto Rodriguez
Invocation:     Jerry Schmidt
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Derek McCloud, Sean Mazinsky and one other gentleman who's name I didn't quite catch (my apologies) from Santa Maria Fire Dept (Engine #2). Cindy Wehlander (PVHS/Panther Pride Marching Band Director)
1)  Guatemala Trip: Mark Jackson spoke to the membership about his upcoming trip to Guatemala. Mark will be representing Rotary as he helps the local community improve their current living conditions. A few other club members will also join Mark as he travels in mid February.
2) Annual Barn Party/Luau Fundraiser: This year's annual fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday May 12, 2018 at the Santa Maria Fairpark. We are still in need of an Auctioneer, so if anyone knows of someone that can do the job, please contact Frank Ortiz ASAP.
3) Check Presentation: Fellow Rotarian Mike Gibson was very happy to present a $500 check to Cindy Wehlander  of PVHS. The money will be used to help fund a Washington DC trip in May for the Panther Pride Marching Band. The band will represent our city and state as it plays at a Memorial Day concert celebrating our nations veterans.
4)  More Blue Badge Awards: This week Jerry Schmidt and Roberto Rodriguez were both awarded their new Blue Badge designation. This was due to them accomplishing a list of items given by the club to ensure proper new member orientation. Their final task was to speak to the club about themselves and their chosen profession. Congratulations Jerry and Roberto!laugh
5) Special Olympics Dinner: will be held Saturday February 3, 2018 at the Veterans Memorial Center. For tickets or more information, contact Teresa Reyburn.
6) Rotating Socials: Kate Ferguson is working on be prepared to have fun!!!!
Ed Carcarey: is a hardcore Philadelphia Eagles fan and is very proud to see his team in this year's Super Bowl. He was looking around the meeting for Patriots fan Pat McDermott, but he was nowhere to be found. Must be scared I guess?? Anyway, that brag was worth $30.
No fines this week
Santa Maria Fire Dept (Crew of Engine #2)
This week's program was presented by the crew of Engine #2. They spoke to the membership about a recent tower rescue that they performed in Los Alamos. A workman experienced shock trauma and was hanging by his arm in a harness 150 feet off the ground. Fortunately, the firefighters had been adequately trained throughout their career and were successful in their rescue attempt. The entire procedure lasted over five hours and it took two firemen 30 minutes each to safely climb up the tower to get to the man in distress. Chief Leonard Champion (who is also a Rotary Club member) is very proud of the way his team handled the situation which resulted in no major injuries for anyone that was involved.
50/50 Drawing Winners
Kate Ferguson and Tim Staffel
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