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MEETING DATE: February 25, 2021

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge of Allegiance
INVOCATION: Glenn Morris

Jason Stillwell: Mentioned that they are still continuing with the Pizza feed for the homeless shelter.
Doug Palmer:  Mentioned that there are still community donations available. If you know of a worthy organization that needs money, fill out the application on the club website.
Laurie Tamura: Talked about the Rancho Alegre rebuilding and talked about the great camping. Great place for a Rotary group camp out.
   Credit Santa Maria Times
Lee Carroll:  Bragged on his (new to him) 2019 Honda Civic and credited David LeRoy for helping with the deal. $25
Frank Culley: Bragged on his wife Pat for enduring another year of marriage. $75 Frank also bragged on David LeRoy and his 2021 Toyota Tundra. $25
Shannon Seifert: Bragged on David LeRoy and the NEW Toyota Grand Opening. $50 + $30 ?
Lee Carroll: Joined Shannon on the brag on David LeRoy and the NEW Toyota Grand Opening. $25
Jim Bray:  Bragged on Lee Carroll and thanked him for the great programs. $20
Jason Stillwell: Joined Jim on the brag for Lee Carroll. $20
Ryan Swack: Joined Jim and Jason with thanks for Lee Carroll. $20
Jim Ventriglia: Bragged on his Grand Daughter Ava who turned 16 and passed her driving test all in the same day. $16
Ken Bradley: Joined with Jim to brag on his daughter Ava. $16
David LeRoy: Matched the Frank Culley, Lee Carroll & Shannon Seifert brags. $100
President Ryan Swack showed a picture and the idea was to guess who it was.
Those who were asked and did not have the answer were:
Mike Cardona, Leonard Champion, Holly Edds, Jason Francia and Betty Miller.
Randy Wise guessed that the picture was Mark Clarke when he had hair.
Frank Culley: Was fined for turning the lights off and leaving the room with the Zoom Meeting running. $30
Mike and Tanya gave us a tour of the online application and explained the process. This application is on the Home Page of the Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary Club.
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